DBA – The Rajputs

P1000727 The first DBA army I put together and painted – yes, this was the first DBA army I got around to painting ever – was the Rajputs. This was the army that I did for Cancon 2011. I had left it to the last minute to prepare the army. I selected the Rajputs because there were not too many figures to paint and the colours, whilst bright, could be left unpatterned and bright thereby speeding the painting process as well.

The result of a week of frantic painting and basing is shown above – the Rajputs for Cancon. Also shown is the camp I prepared in a hurry for the competition – using the picture of a large building from Rajasthan as the palace/camp.

Rajputs consider themselves descendants of one of the major ruling warrior groups of the Hindu Kshatriya varna (social order) in the subcontinent, particularly North India.

The first Rajput kingdoms date back to the 7th century CE but it was during the 9th to 11th centuries CE that the Rajputs rose to prominence. The four Agnivanshi clans rose to prominence first in this period and established territories and kingdoms.

The organization of Rajput clans crystallized in this period. Intermarriage among the Rajput clans interlinked the various regions of India and Pakistan, facilitating the flow of trade and scholarship. Archaeological evidence and contemporary texts suggest that Indian society achieved significant prosperity during this era.

The early 11th century saw the reign of King Bhoja, Paramara ruler of Malwa.

The Battle of Rajasthan is a battle (or series of battles) where the Hindu Rajput clans defeated the Muslim Arab invaders in 738 CE. Whilst this is just before the period of this Rajput army, I tend to think that the Umayyad Caliphs were dealing with a Rajput force similar to the one described below. While all sources (Hindu and Muslim) agree on the broad outline of the conflict and the result, there is no detailed information on the actual battle or battles. There is also no indication of the exact places where these battles were fought. What is clear is that the final battle took place somewhere on the borders of modern Sindh-Rajasthan. Following their defeat the remnants of the Arab army fled to the other bank of the River Indus.

This conflict involved the Umayyad Caliphs against the Rajput clans of Rajasthan on the Hindu side.

The DBA Army list is given under the Hindu Indian list (list III/10) variation b – the Rajputs 747-1300 CE. Interestingly the rules call these as belonging in Tropical terrain where, let’s be honest, the part of India they were strong in could better be described as Dry or Cool.

The army is described, element by element below

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Cancon 2011 – The Results – DBA Competition

Whilst the first two days of Cancon 2011 were taken up with the DBMM competition (from my perspective at least), the third day was the DBA competition, and the competition that I unexpectedly shined in. The army I took was the Book III, List 10b Hindu Indian (Rajput). I had only completed the painting and basing of this army the day before leaving for Cancon and in fact, on the night prior to departure, I was still working on the Camp for the army.

I’ll provide an updated AAR with photos of each of the games later (indeed, I plan to do the same thing with DBMM when I get a chance). In the meantime (and assuming that my failing memory is working well enough), over the six rounds of the DBA competition I played the following opponents (in no particular order):

  • Jason Dickie with II/78b Late Imperial Roman (East)
  • Reon Halverson and his II/5a Later Hoplite Greek – the Spartan variety. Reon is also a junior player and if I recall correctly won the Junior encouragement award
  • Brenton Searle and his magnificent IV/33 Epirot Byzantines
  • Chris Hersey’s II/33 Polybian Roman
  • Peter Braham with a Wars of the Roses English sans artillery (Nellie breathed a sigh of relief)
  • Adrian Williams using army III/43c Khurasanian (Samanids)

After the six rounds were played I had lost only one game to Jason Dickie’s Late Imperial Roman’s – although I like to think of that game as my training game.

I must thank all my opponents for delightful games played in a good spirit and for the helpful advice provided to a n00b who really had not played DBA for 10 years. Even  better was the advice given after I had moved and then said “yes, you are right, that would have been a better move but I really can’t take this back now” only to find that once the dice had finished rolling that bound, the move that “I really can’t take this back now” turned out to be where I won the game. 😆

The final results for the competition were:

  1. Doug Melville using IV/30 Teutonic Orders 48 points scored (6 wins … but he never played me 😈 )
  2. Ian Thompson III/10b Hindu Indian (Rajput) 42 point scored (5 wins and 2 points off my losing game)
  3. Murray Woodford III/54 Early Samurai 40 points (not sure how many wins there)

So, all there is left is to display the trophy, and the second place army:


Cancon 2011 – The Aftermath – Part 1

I got back home from Cancon 2011 late last night (midnight in fact). Still, the tiredness was purely physically as my mind was still racing. I have just had three days of fun and wargaming in the best spirit. I will write more on this later but a brief summary will have to serve here.

On days one and two I played four games of DBMM with an army and a set of rules I was unfamiliar with. The result was 2 wins and 2 losses and I came exactly half way up to field of 21 (11th out of the 21 so I guess that makes me the average measure all should be measured by 😆 )

Yesterday, the third day, I played in the DBA competition – a set of rules that I have had two games with in the last 10 years. I was also using an army that I had only finished painting the day before Cancon began so I had not used before. I played six games in this competition, losing the first game then winning the next 5. At the end, I won the second place in the Cancon 2011 DBA competition.

I can recommend this competition for anyone who likes to play games, there are many games on offer and it is a major event in Canberra each year – well worth coming from overseas for as well as at this time of the year, Oz is nicely warm.

More will be written later this week as I cover all some AAR’s as well as some photographs of the games and the armies I used.

Cancon 2011 – the First Two Days

I started my first competition at Cancon 2011 on Saturday and finished the DBMM v2.0 competition today. I didn’t win. However, that is not important. I had a really good time playing wargames with people who were friendly and helpful to me, the newbie.

I have played four games over the last two days. Each game lasted about 3 hours 45 minutes and I will post after action reports later on each of the games.

In the meantime, I would like to thank Dave Turned, Zac Russell, Dave Quilty and Rod Somerville for being helpful and friendly as opponents.

My results over the two days were:

Opponent Army Result Comment
Dave Turner Book II, List 73 Old Saxon, Frisian, Bavarian, Thuringian 23:2 Win Dave was a true gentleman and was a little unlucky with some of the results. I learned that Kn(F) are tough
Zac Russell Book II, List 80 Hunnic 6:19 Loss Zac helped with me learning some of the mechanics of moving Irregular mounted knights.
Dave Quilty Book I, List 22 New Kingdome Egyptian 19:6 Win Dave suffered from some good dice rolling on my side – I managed to roll 4 sixes in a row in the centre where it mattered
Rod Somerville Book II, List 32 Later Carthaginian 1:24 Loss A game where we each expected to do well and did badly and where we expected to do badly, did well!

Overall, it was a great two days and I thank each of my opponents for the pleasant games (and in Dave Quilty’s case, the coffee).

I should note that there were 21 competitors and I finished 11th – behind 10 and in front of 10. My opponents included the eventual second place winner and the eventual fourth place getter. My final score was 49/100 – the same score that Dave Turned finished on – so as you can see, I was not hiding behind weak players.

If I can arrange it, I will be back next year, but before that, I have a DBA competition of six games later today.

Cancon 2011 – the Trip

19:15 Friday night, the bag and armies are packed. I had planned on getting away at 16:00 for the drive to Canberra – that would have given me a daylight drive all the way there and the joy of seeing Lake George as the sunset. However, one thing led to another and I was late getting away. This was further compounded by driving past the petrol at $1.26 a litre to find the next five petrol stations were $1.43 a litre. Make a big run around the block, fill up and head off.

The drive to Canberra was pleasant enough with little traffic although the McDonald’s McCafe strawberry iced donut I was planning on for dinner on the way was frozen still so I just made do with a coffee from Goulburn ((who knew that all those McDonalds McCafe cakes, tarts and donuts were all frozen, put out the night before and allowed to thaw overnight for “fresh” eating the next day?)).

The drive down was spent listening to the History of Rome podcast whilst going over in my head the structure and best ways to use my DBMM army. I was not thinking about the DBA army … one complication at a time.

Anyway, I am here, and ready to roll!

Game reports later and details of the lost at the end of it all.

Cancon 2011 – The Preparation – 2

P1000680 10 days ago I updated the status of my preparation for Canberra’s Cancon 2011. At that stage I was still in the process of sorting figures for my East Franks or Carolingians – yes, at that time I still had not decided which army to use for the DBMM 2.0 competition. I also had not decided on the DBA army to take but wasn’t so worried about that as I had a lot of painted figures to chose from.

One step at a time. I finally decided for DBMM that I would use the army as Eastern Franks. I prepared the list and sent that off to the organiser a week ago and it was approved. I also finished rebasing the figures last week and varnished them. That is them above. I’m quite pleased with the way they’ve come out – I shall need to finish rebasing the rest of the figures that I had in that batch – there is at least another 27 elements of spear, more bows, knights, psiloi and light horse to rebase before they have all been done.

P1000682 That was DBMM taken care of.

I then started to think about the DBA competition on the 24th. I could have built any one of a number of DBA armies from the painted figures I have at the moment – armies such as Late Roman, Byzantine, Sumerian, Hairy Barbarians and so on.

If you recall, on the 8th of January I ended up posting a list of my painted DBMM and DBA Armies as well as a list of the unpainted stock – that this, those armies waiting for some brushwork. One the of the unpainted armies listed was III/10c Rajputs 747-1300 CE. I thought to myself, 12 elements (actually 13), how hard can it be? I decided then on Thursday that I would try and get these ready for Cancon – I had over a week after all.

Friday night was spent preparing the figures and undercoating them. Some base coats were added then as well. Saturday saw the infantry painted in between washing the clothes. Today (OK, by the time I post this, yesterday) was spent getting the knights ready for painting but getting their base coats on and painting the elephant general.


I figured that if I did not get enough of the Rajputs painted I could always fall back on a plan B on Monday – as that is when the list I am using needs to be submitted to the organiser.

I’m thinking to go ahead with the Rajputs. I only have the four elements of knights to paint and they are ready for final colours, having been base-coated and washed. I should have the painting finished by Monday night, based on Tuesday night and varnished Wednesday night ready for a trip to Canberra on Friday night.

It also gives me Thursday night to actually read the rules I will be playing with.

Organised? You bet. One week to go and still not ready. I am sure this is normal for attendance at a convention. I will blog from Cancon next week, if nothing else, recording my resounding victories … or more likely my resounding defeats!

Cancon 2011 – The Preparation – 1

The preparation is well underway for the trip to Canberra for Cancon 2011. Some holidays have been approved from the office. I’ve organised somewhere to stay with friends whilst I am at Cancon and as he is another wargamer, I’ve ensured that it will be a hobby-packed three days.

The armies are progressing – well, one of them is. The Carolingian/East/West Franks are being worked on for the DBMM competition. I still cannot decide on a list and have been bouncing between Carolingians and Frankish (both East and West). The Carolingians have an historic appeal but for a competition, perhaps are not the best with two ally generals. The West and East Frankish are a little later – they were what the Carolingians evolved into. They have the advantage of sub-generals rather than ally generals which provides a little more control for an army that is pretty much uncontrollable.

P1000668As I have not decided on the army yet, the rebasing is continuing with the core troops first – the troops that would be required for all three armies. Of 47 elements (bases) of figures, 2 are completed (they were in the test group), 26 are on the new bases and have had the sand added to that base before flocking with the remaining 21 on the new MDF bases and waiting sand. Tonight will see the sand on the remaining bases and perhaps the first paint on some bases.

I have to decide the final army by Saturday – plenty of time to procrastinate with yet.

I am also playing in the DBA competition on the 24th of January. I was thinking of painting a new army for that but with work pressures and the DBMM rebasing efforts, I expect not to be able to get a new army painted. I will therefore fall back on one of my painted DBMM armies and select a DBA army from them.

I also need to get some terrain organised for the DBMM competition as well. I have the makings of those here and that will likely be a last minute thing.

Another update in a week or so.

Cancon 2011 – The Enrolment

I decided yesterday finally to enrol in both the DBMM 2.0 and the DBA competitions at Cancon 2011. I’d decided a while ago that I probably would go. So, now the holiday is approved from work and the enrolment has gone in.

Now, my biggest problem is to decide the armies to use.

The DBA competition is on the last day and I need to have the army that I am taking decided by 17 January 2011. I should also have it painted and based. I’ll play in 6 games on that day. I have no idea at the moment which DBA army I will take and even whether it will be an existing army or one that I paint for the competition.

The DBMM competition is on the first two days of Cancon (22 and 23 January 2011). I need to have my list submitted to the list checker by 2 January 2011 (actually, I can put the army list in after that date but there is a penalty involved). Currently, I am thinking that I will either take a Carolingian army or an Eastern Frankish (post Carolingian) army.

On the matter of the DBMM army, the rebasing of the Carolingian figures is well underway with all necessary figure stripped from their original bases and glued to the new MDF bases. I can start to prepare to colour those bases next.

Another progress report next week.

Thomo’s Armies 1 – Late Roman Part 2

In Thomo’s Armies 1 – Late Roman I described the army I had in 15mm. I spent some time this morning and worked out the contents of that army against the DBMM lists (book 2). The next target is to see how much I remembered correctly this weekend when I go to Mum’s to fetch the figures.

So, I collected the figures and I have more or less a Late Imperial Roman Army. When I built this I had too many of some elements and not enough of others, however, now I can make the following for DBMM 2.0:

Quantity Description Cost Total
1 CnC – Reg Cv(O) 28 28
2 Sub General – Reg Cv(O) 28 56
2 Clibinarii – Reg Kn(X) 13 26
4 Equites – Reg Cv(O) 8 32
6 Equites Illyriciani – Reg LH(O) 5 30
2 Equites Sagittarii – Reg LH(F) 5 10
4 Equites Sagittarii Indigenae – Irr LH(F) 4 16
16 Legionarii – Reg Bd(O) 7 112
16 Auxilia Palatina – Reg Ax(S) 5 80
2 Auxilia Palatina Sagittarii – Reb Bw(O) 5 10
8 Legionary Archers – Reg Ps(O) 2 16
8 Auxiliary Archers – Reg Ps(O) 2 16
4 Skirmishers – sling Reg Ps(O) 2 8
  Total 440

So, that is one army that is possible for Cancon for 2011 (although I will need to reduce the contents a little as I think that competition is 375 AP per army).

I’ll look at the hairy barbarians later.