The Next DBA Army – Khmer

Irregular Miniatures sells 15mm figures individually, so you get exactly what you ordered

The next DBA army was decided a few weeks ago when I wanted to have a closer look at Irregular Miniatures 15mm figures. I ended up deciding on Khmer as I wanted some more Asian influence in my collection.

This is another Book III army (III/23) ((I could have used it at Cancon 2013 for example, and with the Nellies and artillery in here, struck fear into the heart of my more knightly opponents)). Apart from the interest of painting some figures from a different manufacturer (and there are some plans floating in my head about that statement as well – but more on that later), it is an interesting mix of troop types.

The army itself contains:

  • 1 x elephant mounted general
  • 1 x elephant – regular troops
  • the choice of:
    • 1 x elephant mounted artillery piece, or
    • 1 x nasty axe armed infantry types, or
    • 1 x difficult terrain close troops
  • 1 cavalry
  • 4 x difficult terrain troops
  • 2 x bows
  • 2 x light troops

You can see from the picture to the right that there are a couple of umbrellas to be dealt with – one on the general’s elephant and the other on the cavalry.

The Auxilia (difficult terrain troops) will be a mix of the figures to give them that slightly irregular (pardon the pun) look. The maiden guard (look closely, you can work them out) on the other hand will be very regular looking.

One of the listed enemies for the Khmer are the Cham – the army is identical so if this works well, I may do it all again but with another manufacturers figures. I’ll also comment later on my Asian wargame armies plan.

I’ll post regular painting updates to see their progress – right after I finish that French naval stuff I’m painting.

I’ll leave you now with a view from the wall at Angkor Wat (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Bayon Angkor Relief - Khmer troops
Bayon Angkor Relief – Khmer troops