Paint or Sell — Minoan and Mycenaean Greeks

Chariot Miniatures this time. I’m starting to lean towards the Classical and Dark Ages periods for ancient wargaming rather than Biblicals so I am now looking closely at these fellows. As with the others, there should be around about 400AP (plus or minus) in DBMM terms although the army probably needs another chariot. The Chariot Miniatures are really very lovely but I think I have fallen out of love with the Biblical Period.

Chariot Miniatures
No Code Description Infantry Cavalry Chariot
2 MYG1 Spearmen tower shield 16
2 MYG2 Spearmen figure 8 shield 16
1 MYG3 Javelinmen with plume 8
8 MYG4 Archer 64
3 MYG5 Naked spearmen tower shield 24
2 MYG6 Naked spearmen figure 8 shield 16
2 MYG7 Javelinmen with helmet 16
1 MYG8 Naked slinger 8
1 MYG11 Javelinmen pelta shield 8
2 ENK22 Libyan psiloi javelin/spear 16
4 MTG13 Square 2-horse chariot 4
7 MYG14 Square 2-horse chariot 7
4 MYG15 Round 2-horse chariot 4
6 MYG16 Round 2-horse chariot 6
Total 192 21
Mycenaean and Minoan in 15mm from Chariot Miniatures
Mycenaean and Minoan in 15mm from Chariot Miniatures

The red stain on the packets is not Thomo’s blood (although a late night accident with a carton cutter last night almost had me bleeding over my figures) but rather a bottle of red glaze that leaked on a move from somewhere to somewhere else with the figures.