Talking about Best Cheeseburger in Ulaanbaatar

Since I wrote the blog shown as the track back for this, a number of people in Ulaanbaatar (or those who have visited Ulaanbaatar) have come back to me and said, “Yes, but what about the cheeseburgers at [insert favourite restaurant name here]”? I never realised that cheeseburgers created more interest around the world then say the Mongolian style of cooking with hot river stones.OK, I am a fair-minded kind of guy and my ever-faithful translator and aide confidante, Baggy (Baagi) likes a challenge so the result is, after much discussion around lunch today, the two of us will survey ALL the cheeseburgers we can find in Ulaanbaatar and will rate them accordingly. We do this for two reasons:

  1. As a public service to those who may visit Ulaanbaatar and wonder where to get the best cheeseburger
  2. Because whilst we like the restaurant critic from the UB Post (Hi Mark), he assesses restaurants. We want more granularity so are going for a single dish (and thus at the stroke of a pen ruling out all the Korean, Indian and Chinese Restaurants in town
  3. We, both of us, have our more fulsome figure to think of and will therefore be happy to sacrifice for the betterment of visitors to Ulaanbaatar

And yes, I can’t count.

We will publish the results of our survey on an ongoing basis to a separate web page (I am sure that Jeffro, Number One Son and family technical genius can give me a sub-domain to to record the results of our survey.

Baggy and I, at great personal expense, will attempt at least one cheeseburger a week and try to have the results published each weekend. We see this as a wonderful winter project. There will be a two to three week hiatus to this in October whilst I return to Australia to visit family, but folks, for the winter, it is cheeseburger “game on”.


Best Cheeseburger in Ulaanbaatar
Being a gentleman of, shall we say, more fulsome figure, eating seems to have been a prominent part of my life. Travelling a lot has meant many meals in hotels. Business has resulted in even more restaurant meals. After a while, though, what Thomo really craves is simple food, the sort of stuff you’d cook at home. Be that a humble chicken sandwich or just a bowl of soup and fresh bread. Travelling can get tiring food-wise after a time. By the time you’ve got to your third Duck l’Orange or Pheasant Under Glass it is all starting to taste the same.

  • California – A US style restaurant and bar on Seoul Street. The cheeseburgers here have a combination of quality (good meet, cheese and supplementary items) as well as quantity (recommendation is to start eating the cheeseburger first then come back to the chips).
  • Dave’s Place – Where the beer is, of course, X-cellent. Dave does a quite reasonable cheeseburger too.
  • Millies – Smaller that California’s (and also a little cheaper too for that matter), Millies’ cheeseburgers are a good lunch from time to time.

Mongolia does not have any McDonald’s, Burger Kings or the like, so there is no problem defining a good cheeseburger here.