Old Cars and Autumn Days

The Citroën Traction Avant outside the apartment building

I believe that the delightful car is an old German car. It looks like it is straight from a 30s or 40s movie, a black car with doors that open the opposite way to cars today. It could have been in a scene from the movie Casablanca maybe. But there is was, parked outside the apartment building today.I was strolling out to buy some music, have a strawberry milkshake with a slice of rare cheesecake and generally just stretch the legs in the autumn sunshine. It was, after all, a pleasant 19 degrees today. So, as I strolled out of the building this beautiful old machine was sitting there. It had driven in. I shall see if I can get some more pictures later as well as find out exactly what it is – but I have never seen one like this in Australia.

Update Note: Jim, a friend from the US, sent me an email today (30 September 2005) letting me know that one of his friends thought he identified the car as a Citroën Traction Avant, although he was not sure of the year.