BrisCon – Brisbane Wargame Convention

For a number of years there have been no real Brisbane based gaming conventions. This has changed finally with a resurrection of BrisCon.

What: BrisCon held by Brisbane Gaming Society
When: April 30, May 1 2016
Where: Brisbane Table Tennis Association hall

The newly minted Brisbane Gaming Society is rebooting BrisCon on the May Day weekend THIS YEAR.

Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1 are the days. More details can be found at the BrisCon website above but the fantastic Brisbane Table Tennis Center at Downey Park in Windsor has been secured for the convention. The organisers hope to grow it to a full three day convention over the next couple of years.

The organisers have noted that it is essentially being funded by the small executive committee of the Brisbane Gaming Society so could do with all the help they can get make this happen.

Also required are:

  • volunteers
  • Games Managers

Current competitions being organised are”

  • Queensland Team Yankee Championships along with a mid-war FOW comp
  • Drop Zone Commander competition

The organisers are looking for Games Managers for games such as:

  • ancients
  • X-Wing
  • 40k and/or WarMachine
  • Kings of War
  • Infinity
  • Bolt Action.

It would be great for specific clubs to get behind these games, and specific retailers or distributors to sponsor each one. If you want to be a Games Manager for one of these systems, or any other, please let the organisers know ( They are also looking for display and participation games. If you are a retailer then also drop them a line at as they would love to have retailers involved.

The center has a good cafeteria, and more than enough room for their first attempt where they are aiming to fill 50 tables of gamers, plus some demo/participation games, a second hand stall and retailer booths.

Check out their website and if you are planning on being near Brisbane at the end of April, pack your dice and some figures.


Sporecon 2011 – the Day

P1000953In the end I did not take a number 39 bus to Pasir Ris, I caught a taxi to Sporecon 2011.

There were a few hundred folks there, with many coming and going over the two days. In the various areas there were different games being played, including Axis and Allies, Flames of War, Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Firestorm Armada and the Singapore championships for the Settlers of Catan.

In addition to the games there was also a painting corner and a painting competition. There were no traders there and that is the one thing that was really missing, a way to make an unplanned expenditure of money when caught in the mood of the moment.

Some of the highlights of the day were the five armies a side Flames of War game underway, the painting competition and just the ambience of the day where the focus was on playing games and having fun. Below are a couple of more photos, one is the Flames of War game and the other is some of the painting competition.


Sporecon 2011

Singapore has an annual gaming convention called Sporecon. It is this weekend this year, on both 28 and 29 May. If you are playing at the convention then there is a registration fee of SG $15.00. For the public (that’ll be me this year) entry is free.

There will be many competitions including Warhammer 40K and Flames of War. I’ll be interested in looking at the later in particular as I think I will ultimately end up building a Flames of War army here for gaming with the locals. Sigh, another project for Thomo for 2011.

Anyway, back to Sporecon. I will try and take some photos and give a report here later this weekend.

In the meantime, if you are around Singapore today or tomorrow, it is on at:

Pasir Ris East Community Club

No 1 Pasir Ris Drive 4 #01-08 Singapore 519457

SBS Bus Services along Pasir Ris Drive 1:
12, 17, 21, 39, 53, 81, 358, 359 and 518

Contact Numbers for the CC is:  65811861

Map picture