YouTube – In the Mail 01

I sent a small order off to Heroics and Ros just after Christmas for more artillerymen and some more armour for the Poles (and therefore also for the Danes). T-72s and Leopards arrived in the mail recently – this is what was in the packet and will be used for Cold War Commander.

Video is here:

I also ordered and received some Ancient Britons. These will form part of a new project that is setting up in my brain currently – but more on that later.

Comments are welcome and have a safe Easter!

YouTube – On the Workbench 2 – 17 March 2018

I got around to undercoating the t-34s roday. The t-54s needed some aerial repairs so missed the paint. I decided to undercoat in brown instead of the white or black I normally use. I also apologise for the standard of the video, I need a taller tripod os a second pair of hands.

So, started on the painting process of the 6mm Ros and Heroics Poles for Cold War Commander.

Video is here:

I will go about getting myself a half decent spray booth soon too. I have some ideas for a collapsable one.

Comments are welcome and I lied last time when I promised to get better. Next time I will get better, promise!

Wargamer’s Dilemma

The Son to be Polish Army circa 1975

I had purchased some figures from Ros and Heroics to make up a Polish Army circa 1975 to use with the Cold War Commander wargame rules.

Can you spot the error?

I ordered artillery but neglected to order artillery crews.

While I was not planning on buying figures this year except, for the few ships I bought for my Christmas present, I had to purchase artillery crew.

Well it would be rude to just order artillery crew so I decided to do what any self-respecting western government do, and that is to upgrade my armed forces.

I ordered my artillery crew and then ordered some T-72M to upgrade the Poles from 1970 to 1990 standards.

The Danes circa 1975 – with the odd bit of painting to still to do

Of course this would mean that the Danes (pictured on the left) needed to have some additional firepower as well to have a chance against the Poles. I therefore ordered 12 Leopard 1s to even things up again.

I can now bring both armies up to 1990 standards from about circa 1970.

The T-54s line up against a single Centurion

This is now the first painting project for 2018 – to finished both armies.

I am looking forward to this painting, but the first steps for the Poles will be to get them on bases, then add some sand to the bases. undercoat, probably in dark brown, then crack on with the painting.

Of course, a wargamer does not need an excuse to purchase more figures, I mentioned I have an order for some ships on the way to Manila from Navwar. It occurs to me as well that the ZSU-57-2 was replaced in Polish service with the ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” in this period so there will need to be an additional order soon.

The Wargamer’s Dilemma – buying more lead means painting more lead and researching more troop types which leads to buying more lead!

The Postman Always Rings Twice

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Actually, here in Makati City, he rarely rings. It takes about a week for a parcel to arrive in the Philippines from England. It then takes another week for the parcel to travel a few kilometres from the main Post Office to Makati Central Post Office. It then takes between two weeks and a month or two for the notice of arrive to travel the one kilometre from Makati Post Office to the condominium or the office.

Still, it is great when the notices arrive and you can step back into 1954 to collect the parcels from the Post Office.

Four Parcels containing three different wargaming periods

Box number one (large, top right) contained some goodies from Brigade Models of the UK . The box contained Aeronefs and Cold War Commander Indonesians in 6mm. The Aeronefs the Spanish Fleet Pack #2, Item #: VANFP-1702; Spanish Fleet Pack #1, Item #: VANFP-1701; Spanish Torpedo Flotilla, Item #: VANFP-1711; Indonesian Army Group, Item #: IC-1401; and some bits and pieces.

I am trying to clear my painting queue now to get into both these sets. The Spanish ‘nefs in particular are sweet.

World War 2 Belgians

In the small flat box to the bottom right is a Belgian World War 2 army from Scotia Grendel. I built these from the Blitzkreig Commander III lists before noticing some basic problems with that list, like the missing 75mm guns!

Anyway, there is some nice stuff in there and I can always find an excuse to send off for some more figures from Scotia, and order the missing 75mms then.

The white parcel contained reinforcements from Magister Militum for the little coastal project, namely some more Germans, a few more British and the Italians. The Motoscafo Armato Silurante, (MAS boats), were a class of fast torpedo armed vessel used by the Regia Marina and the models from Hallmark are sweet. More competition for the painting queue.

Lastly, the big box underneath contains three books for review. These will be coming up soon.

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas has gone and so has New Year’s Eve. I avoid making New Year’s Resolutions, partly because reflecting on what you are doing and what you will do is something that should be an ongoing process. Having said that, in nautical terms, i am getting very broad across the beam although I have a good deal of ballast to counter that. It is time to slim up so that is one task on my 2017 and beyond.

Work also will be interesting this year as one contract finishes and I chase another. I will be looking for something to start around July or so.

I did reflect on those things that went well and those that failed in the year just past, however, a product of the odd beer and a relatively quiet New Year’s Eve back in Manila. It is, however, time to think about the plans for the coming year, doubly so as a week has already gone.


Simply … I did next to no wargaming, or painting. I also managed to add another few kilograms overall to my already portly body shape. I kept getting great ideas, especially for wargaming projects, but managed to not spend anytime actually starting any of them. Worst of all, I missed getting back to Oz and visiting mother for about 8 months, which was very frustrating.


There were some high spots however. Settled well into the second year of working in the Philippines and had the project progressing well. I also managed to read a lot, thank goodness for Kindle and a decent smartphone – I get to read almost anywhere.



So, as I had a little spare case this year, I spoiled myself with some Christmas gifts, and they will form the basis of the 2017 wargaming efforts.

Warship 2014
Warship 2014

First off was the two Warships I had missed from 2014 and 2015. I had not had a chance to purchase these before but they went into my Christmas stocking this year (it was a big stocking). Warship 2014 is the 36th edition and contains a variety of articles including a detailed technical description of the Queen Elizabeth (the UK’s only aircraft carrier – I guess because the French had one); details of Germany’s Braunschweig and Deutschland classes; the Italian aircraft carrier Cavour; IJN armoured cruisers; the escape of the Jean Bart from Saint-Nazaire; the submarine Mariotte; the IJN light carrier Ryûjô; Russia’s turret frigates, the Admiral Lazarev and Admiral Spiridov; and some other articles.

Warship 2015
Warship 2015

Warship 2015 is the first I have seen available in a Kindle format. It was tempting to acquire the Kindle Version, especially as it was half the price of the printed version, but I just could not give up the feel of the paper versions of this publication yet. This issue contains among other items, the Battleships of the Patrie Class; Postwar Weapons in the Royal Navy; the Tragedy of the Submarine Mariotte; Developments in Modern Carrier Aviation; and an early surface engagement between British and Japanese surface forces in WW2. I am looking forward to finishing Warship 2014 to get into Warship 2015.

Warship 2016 - New Cover Format
Warship 2016 – New Cover Format

Warship 2016 is the first of the recent series to come without a dust jacket (why did they call them dust jackets?). It long the previous 37 editions is a mix of different articles concerning naval matters from various periods of essentially 20th and 21st Century history.

This edition has articles on the Bougainville colonial sloops; an Italian colonial sloop Eritrea; the Japanese Asashio class destroyers; Fugas class minesweepers; divisional tactics at the Battle of Jutland and the conclusion to the Naval War in the Adriatic theater in WWI. There is also a piece on the use of ‘highball” on a ship – from the target ship’s perspective, in this case the French battleship Courbet.


DBA Version 3.0
DBA Version 3.0

I finally got around to acquiring a copy of De Bellis Antiquitatis, my favourite ancient wargaming rules. Plans for 2017 include not just learning these but getting some games in. I have a number of armies in Manila in 6mm and as the playing area is 2-foot square (60cm x 60cm) I also have the space to game.

This will likely make a nice project for 2017. More on that later in a separate post. I can. however, see my 6mm Numidians and 6mm Romans coming out for some early games and also provide an incentive for me to complete my DBA 6mm terrain pieces.

Imperial Skies - I was not part of the kickstarter but I do like the rules
Imperial Skies – I was not part of the kickstarter but I do like the rules

I also ordered copy of Imperial Skies from Brigade Models in the UK.

I had not been part of the kickstarter but these rules look to be a good alternative to Aeronef. I also acquired the dice and turn rulers.


Ros and Heroics 6mm (1/300th scale) Poles
Ros and Heroics 6mm (1/300th scale) Poles

I purchased some opposition for my 1/300th scale modern Danes. These are in the form of some Heroics and Ros 1/300th scale Poles. We will have sometime this year some T-55s out against some Centurions. This will be part of a separate little project, part of which will be to complete the Danes and relocate them from mother’s garage to the Philippines. These will be used with Cold War Commander. I must admit, whilst the GHQ castings are superb detail wise, I still like the Heroics and Ros for wargames figures.

Aeronefs ... lots of them!
Aeronefs … lots of them!

Naturally, having purchased Imperial skies one needed some Aeronefs to go along with the new rules. Brigade Models Christmas discount helped me to acquire Argentinian, Brazilian and BENELUX fleets for this game and for use with Aeronef as well. I also acquired some Italian ‘nefs in the purchase along with some Russians to round out my Peshawar project, if I ever get back to that.

I really am looking forward to getting some paint on these models.

Baccus 6mm ECW Boxed Set
Baccus 6mm ECW Boxed Set

Last of the stocking fillers was the Baccus 6mm English Civil War boxed set. This consists of butt-loads of figures, bases, buildings and Polemos rules. I will admit up front that I purchased these to play with the Impetus Rules however the beauty of the Polemos basing is that I can also use these as based for bopth Polemos and Impetus.

Another project for 2017 for later description.

Overall, Santa was very kind to me at Christmas, as well he should have been!

The Next PacFed

Way back last year I painted some figures for Future War Commander – PacFed Forces. I’ve played a few games with them. Recently I decided to expand the forces to include spaceships. Brigade Models were holding their annual summer sale and had recently released a PacFed space force for Starmada or Full Thrust rules. This meant the purchase of a lot of ships for not such a great price.

The problem I have been wrestling with concerns the colours to paint them. I wanted to continue the Aussie Cricket Team colours started with the Future War Commander vessels – basically, green and gold (all right, yellow). But I kept thinking “spaceships, there should be something more”. Metals came to mind along with ceramics. Then it occurred to me, “gold”!

“Eureka” I thought.

I wasn’t sure how to handle the gold though so at lunch time today I took myself off to the Games Workshop Bunker in Clarence Street to have a chat with the friendly staff and a look at the Shining and Burnished Gold colours available in their paint range.

We spoke and then they suggested a variation which looks like it might just be the business for the ships – leastwise for the gold part. Mix the gold with some brown and use that. The suggested method was:

  1. Undercoat (black or white – still undecided – will experiment with both to see the final finish)
  2. Mix 2 parts Shining Gold with 1 part Calthan Brown as the basic gold colour
  3. Wash with a 1:1 mix of Badab Black and Devlan Mud
  4. Highlight with Burnished Gold
  5. Final wash with Gryphonne Sepia Wash

OK, so the reason I am writing this post is to make sure I don’t forget the alchemy.

For the green there were a couple of suggestions. One was to paint the green areas with Mithril Silver and keep applying successive washes of Thraka Green Wash until the whole green area took on a green hue.

A second idea was to mix 2 parts Mithril Silver with 1 part Goblin (or Snot) Green and see how that looks. A green wash may still be necessary after that and use one of the lighter greens for a highlight. Lots of good ideas to try.

I will, of course, post a blow-by-blow description of how the painting went when I try it. And thanks to the GW staff in Sydney – good ideas (and I will be back when I do the next batch of Victorian Science Fiction to look at the bronze/green mix).

Cold War Commander Danes

I mentioned before that I would get around to photographing my modern Danish Army for Cold War Commander. Well, I got around to it. The army is shown below.

This army is almost totally made up from Heroics and Ros figures, with the exception of the F100 Super Sabre which was from Raiden Miniatures of the UK.

Wargames – Modern Danes

Thomo’s Painting Queue

P2112806 It’s just got longer. I think I mentioned before that I occasionally paint for other wargamers and usually only those things that I enjoy painting, like ships. Recently as well I have taken to the Blitzkrieg, Cold War and Future War Commander wargame rules from Specialist Military Publishing Ltd with some relish.

You may also recall me mentioning my Modern (well, 1980 anyway) Danish Wargame Army in 6mm for Cold War Commander (CWC) before. That’s almost complete now – I have another 12 bases of those to do.

On the painting table at the moment (and pictured throughout this blog post) is the Future War Commander (FWC) army that I’m building to do battle with the evil minions of Doug in Canberra! These are the PacFed (Pacific Federation) forces supplied from Brigade Models in the UK. These represent the forces of good and niceness from Australia and the Pacific sometime in the future. Facing them will be the evil SAC (South African Confederation) forces of Doug’s.

P2112807 The painting of PacFed is going well. There are 70 bases in this force which total to about 6,000 points in FWC game terms.

The two pictures above show the forces as they are and their state of painting at the moment. So, how does this affect the paint queue – obviously these are being painted?

When these are finished (which I hope will be before the weekend after next) I have the following to do:

  1. World War 1 Italian Fleet in 1/6000th scale for John in the US. Research for this is almost complete as some of these vessels were in a dazzle camouflage scheme whilst others in a simpler plain grey
  2. Lee from Taiwan’s World War 1 British and German fleets – research underway for them as well to see what German funnel colours were for Jutland (yes, I forgot) and whether any of the British ships were camouflaged
  3. My World War 2 Early Italian (1940 ish) Army for Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC) in 6mm. My target for these is by the third week of March
  4. Lee’s Vikings in 15mm. Lee sent me just over 300 Vikings to paint as well – the figures are from Two Dragons Miniatures and are in the Roman Britain jigsaw puzzle box in the photo above. I haven’t painted 15mm commercially before so this will be a kind of test case – although I can’t see myself taking many 15mm figure commissions in the future.


Finally, to get an idea of how the the PacFed will look when the painting and basing is finished, to the left as a fully complete element.

The colours for the Pacfed came from the Australian Cricket Team’s old One Day uniform which I thought gave a nice, futuristic science fiction appearance and appeal to the army. When it is fully painted I’ll photograph the entire army in one shot.

Now, where did I put the brushes?

Painting Update, January 2010

As I mentioned the other day, I have the next batch of ships to paint. They will be done over the next month. I’m away for a couple of weeks which will slow the process down a little and for the 1/6000th Italian World War 1 ships, I need to do some more research (which will, of course, be shared here later). This may result in a repaint to some of my 1/3000th ships. 😦

In the meantime, I have been finishing off phase 1 of the 1/300th scale (6mm) Modern NATO Danes. These are built for the Cold War Commander wargame rules, a game I have been playing a lot of recently. The Phase 1 aircraft (a Draken and a Super Sabre) were finished today. The phase 2 aircraft (Phantom) will be painted when I finish the extra forces purchased for this Battlegroup.

Somewhere in the air are the remaining painting projects for the next few months. On the way is a PacFed Future War Commander army in 6mm, an early North African Italian World War 2 army in 1/300th (6mm) as well as a Russian Aeronef fleet for the Peshawar Victorian Science Fiction campaign. I also need to do some more writing for Peshawar. I hope to get to that in the last week of January as I have a few days holiday where I hope to sit on a beach, play some golf and catch up on some reading and writing. More on that later too.

And now, time to spray varnish the aircraft (this is always the nervous part of the painting process for me as I wonder whether the varnish will discolour the paint job).