Dugan Khad

Way back in June 2005 I posted a entry to Thomo’s Hole called Dancing Trees and Pretty Girls. This was a post as a result of having been out to Dugan Khad, and at the time, I got the directions all screwed up. This post is to correct some of the errors from that original post.

Dugan Khad is actually in Bornuur soum (a soum is like a country town and the area around it). Bornuur is in Tuv aimag (province). Ulaanbaatar is a special area inside Tuv as well. Dugan Khad is about 108 kilometres north of Ulaanbaatar and is one of the “special areas” in Mongolia. I guess that is the equivalent of our national parks.

Dugan Khad is actually named after a rock called Dugan. The rock is an interesting structure and is on a branch of the Khentei Mountain range. The rock is like a temple.

The area is covered in pine trees, birch, cedar, cherry and so on – which is why my post about this area referred to Dancing Trees. It was the first time I went somewhere in Mongolia where there were many trees.

There is a hotel complex there and so the traveller can stay a couple of days, enjoying nature – or just get a hot tea and some buuz and just relax on a day trip.

It is well worth visiting if you are in Mongolia. Unfortunately, when I was there I did not have my camera with me so only had some pretty average telephone pictures of the area. I shall certainly go back there one day.

Dancing Trees and Pretty Girls

mising_imageWell, more just dancing trees. I went into the woods today to the west of Ulaanbaatar, out in the countryside. My favourite Mongolian family took me for a drive again (we had done this the week before but in another direction). Where we ended up today was in a pine forest on the side of a hill with a large rock formation in it – Dhugan something or other. Hopefully one of my friends will see this and give me the full name. Added Later: They did, the place was Dugan Khad – trees, hills and some really pretty rocks. So, after eating salami and cheese on black bread, washed down with a Mongolian Mutton Soup and warm beer, I lay on my back to watch the trees move in the wind. With your head near the trunks it is wonderful watching them sway to the breeze.

“The trees are dancing”, I told my Mongolian hosts. “See – she is swirling her hips trying to attract him”. I then noted that “He is not a good dancer though. Look at how stiff his movement is … and there, next to him, his girlfriend – she is jealous and her branches are locked to him and trying to hold him back!”

It was at that point that I passed a memory for my old mate Bob, I could see him laying and watching the trees dance. Try it sometime, watch the trees dance in the wind.