Thank You Etihad Airways


30 minutes spent online trying to sort a flight itinerary out to attend a mate’s wedding in Scotland in April. Worked (finally) all the connections and which day Etihad flew to Birmingham or Aberdeen etc. Finally got an itinerary sorted, pressed the button that takes you through to actually booking and paying for the flight and the result?

A Bug in their software.

Sigh – maybe I should check Emirates instead!

Context Sensitive Advertising at its Best

Sydney Morning Herald Article 22 June 2007
The page - showing the article and the advertisement

I saw a piece in the online version of the Sydney Morning Herald called Abu Dhabi playboys cut loose so naturally I clicked on it to see what it was about.

This was a follow-up piece on the Jupiter Mines Executives, known as Bananas in Pyjamas (or B1 and B2) because of their hi-jinks on an Etihad Airlines flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. These guys were arrested and charged for sexual harassment, being drunk and generally acting the fool. Found guilty and deported from the UAE, seems that Jupiter Mines have also cut them adrift (again).

The fun part of this piece? When I clicked the link the first time, the paid advertisement that came up was for First Class and Business Class travel on Etihad Airlines 😆