Nice One Google – #fail


I kick-started the office laptop this morning after leaving it laying dormant for two weeks 0 when I travel I take my own – it’s better and more reliable.

Anyway, I started the laptop and the window shown to the left appeared in my Google Mail tab in Google Chrome.

Yep, apparently, according to the message, Google Mail is not supported on the Google Chrome browser.

I know that it is, however, as I just clicked the link that said “return to GMail” and now my mail has loaded correctly.

“What are we going to do tonight Brain?”

“Tonight Pinky, we are going to fix Google’s inconsistencies so they can take over the world!”

Samsung GalaxyS Froyo Upgrade Part 1

I am having a love-hate relationship with my Samsung GalaxyS Android phone. On the surface, there are one or two small issues but by far the biggest annoyance has been trying to upgrade the operating system on the phone from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 (froyo).

So, the other day I received a marketing email from Samsung which pointed me to a Samsung Australia webpage that gave the following information.

image Yep – if you enlarge this you’ll see that Samsung Australia invites me to upgrade to Android 2.2 and nicely even provides a link to do that. The link actually carries you through to another Samsung webpage at which highlights the GalaxyS phone and permits a link for “Software Upgrades” to be clicked.

Read on and see how successful Thomo was, in this, part one of the tale.

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