Bloody Big Catfish

In a report, Sea Shepherd activists attack Japanese whaler, in the Sydney Morning Herald, there is a note of a conference in which:

Onodera spoke of the latest clash as he addressed a seminar in Tokyo with officials from 11 developing states that have recently joined or plan to join the deadlocked International Whaling Commission.

Japan is holding the meeting to win support for its position that the international body should allow “sustainable whaling”.

Western nations, led by Australia, strongly oppose Japan’s whaling.
The countries taking part in the seminar are Angola, Cambodia, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ghana, Laos, Malawi, Palau, Tanzania and Vanuatu, the Foreign Ministry said.

Of course, Laos is famous for its wonderful beaches and extensive pristine coastlines … not! Perhaps those Mekong River Catfish have gotten really really big 😆

Mekong River Catfish - from ESPN website

Perhaps Japan is really just trying to stack the numbers at the International Whaling Commission – a fistful of dollars to the developing countries and the Japanese can continue to enjoy their whaleburgers – surely not!

Read the full article about this catfish at ESPN’s website – Thais catch 646-pound catfish in Mekong and for the Imperially challenged that is 293 kilograms. Its length was 9 feet, or 2.7 metres. Now that is a fish!

For more information too, see Giant Catfish Critically Endangered, Group Says on the National Geographic website.

Myth or Busted?

Front Cover of The Next Bite Gar published an entry on Lost Nomad entitled Myth or Busted? You Decide…

I was going to comment directly there but when I click on the “0 comments” link no comment form opens so, I’ll comment here in Thomo’s Hole.

The gist of the article is that this guy is reeling in a 10 lb (4.5 kg) fish when a bigger fish comes along and nabs it – so he reels in the bigger fish (it weighed 44 lbs or 20 kgs). This means the total landed weight of both fish is around 25 kgs (54 lbs).

Now, if Gar had put this up yesterday then I would not have bothered checking … unless Gar is currently in the States of course. 🙂

However, checking as best I can my trusty Myth Determiner, Snopes, I note that there is a piece about this in Snopes. Unfortunately, I cannot check further as the Saudi Arabian censors have censored the Snopes site and I can’t be arsed at the moment spending the time to find a proxy server that the censors have not found yet. However, click the link here for the Snopes message board for some details.

You can also have a look at The Next Bite – a fishing magazine – where the issue illustrated here has the same fisherman and fish on its front cover.

Make up your own minds folks … but someone let me know what Snopes said (Thomo grumbles to himself about Saudi Arabian censors). 😦