Port-a-loo – User Manual

I was at the Singapore Sevens recently and what a great day that was. Whilst there and remembering I was a guest of the Chairman of the Singapore Cricket Club and was there for all three days of the competition, I had occasion to use the conveniences. I was amused to see inside the port-a-loos the following user guide.

IMG_0347I must admit, I had not run across a toilet’s user guide before this – love Singapore!

Gotta Love the Sydney Morning Herald … at times

Today there was a report in the Herald with the title Cables cut: CBD phone and internet services lost. This referred to fibre optic and copper cables being cut on the corner of York and Erskine Streets last night. This has caused loss of Internet and telephone communications to many people in the affected area. When there are local interest stories like this, the Herald calls for readers in or near the area to send SMS or email with additional pictures, news, comment etc. The request of this assistance today was priceless:

Have you been affected? If you can … text 0424 SMS SMH (+61 424 767 764), email us at scoop@smh.com.au or direct message on Twitter @smh_news or send a carrier pigeon!

Someone has a sense of humour at the Herald!