Future War Commander – Indonesians

That evil mastermind of separating me from cash has tempted me again. Tony over at Brigade Models has released the 6mm Indonesians which would make a perfect opponent or ally for my 6mm PacFed forces for Future War Commander that I had painted back in 2010 – and just in the week I said “no more lead until I have dented the painting pile significantly”

The Kartika Eka Paksi forces are really quite neat and well worth a look at. Also released where two ships for use with Squadron Commander.

So many bright shiny objects, so little time.

Wargaming 2012 – Half Year Update

Back on January 15th, 2012 I posted Wargaming 2012. In that post I looked at what I wanted to achieve, wargaming-wise, in 2012. Like all good wargamer’s plans., it was over ambitious but hey, you have to start somewhere. I thought as this was the half-way point of the year, it would be great to see exactly how well I had gone with those plans. ((oh boy, Thomo, a great chance to see exactly how much you’ve failed to do!!))

Item Plan Result/Comment/Excuse
15mm ACW-Union I had a large number of unpainted figures in stock from about 10 years ago. Plan was to add some extras for markers and send off for painting. Two batches of figures have been painted and extras purchased and off to painting as well. Wooden and magnetic bases are in the mail to start the final steps with these figures.
6mm Ancients – Part 1 This is the 6mm DBA project using 15mm basing with 3 (plus or minus) 6mm figures for each 15mm figure. There are 7 armies to paint. At the start of the year I had one army painted (the Numidians) and a second half painted (Camillan Romans). Now, six months on, nothing is changed.
6mm Ancients – Part 2 I have three Baccus 6mm’s SPQR Ancient armies. The plan was to get them painted and based. The Roman and Numidian armies are painted. The Pontic are still to be done. The Romans are waiting for me to stick 250 little 6mm decals on. The Numidians have been glued to bases and are just waiting for the bases to be flocked.
Aerial – Part 1 A Russo-Finish War collection of aircraft for painting and gaming with. Er, nothing has happened on these.
Aerial – Part 2 Research into Biggles style aerial wargaming. Apart from mislabelling this as “Part 1” in the original post, I’ve done nothing with this other than read some more Biggles tales.
Naval Houston’s ships 1/1200th Scale Battle of Lissa Austrians and Italians. I have done nothing with these ships yet apart from finding some perfect hairless twine for the rigging. Currently debating whether to just set these are Imagi-Nation vessels and/or tie them into the 1859, 1866, 1872 rules I am considering.
BKC-II Early, Middle and Late World War 2 1/285th scale Russians. They are still begging for paint.
BKC-II World War II Hungarians in 1/285 scale. This are also begging for paint still.
FWC The 6mm ground force for ONESS for use with Future War Commander. Nothing has been done with these yet.
Starmada The PacFed and ONESS space fleet for Starmada. Nothing has been done with these yet.
Nappies 6mm Adler Miniatures and Baccus forces – Confederation of the Rhine and Polish forces. These are still sitting in the box under my bed – untouched in the last six months.
Nappies Other I was planning on starting to research 15mm (18mm) Napoleonics – rules and figures for the future – yet one more project. I have started researching and will look to this as a project for next year.
Other Lead This was:

  • 15mm DBMM Later Crusader Army (Essex Miniatures)
  • 20-ish DBA Armies in the lead pile back in Oz
  • Aeronefs
  • Land Ironclads
  • 1/3000th scale ships
These are all still untouched in the lead pile.

That’s the current position.

On reflection, I’m not doing all that badly. The 15mm ACW project should be finished by the end of September I would guess, although I expect to have everything on bases and table usable by the end of July. The SPQR project will also be finished by the of the year. As for the other projects, I am tempted to get the Houston’s ships done. I also want to get the Russians and/or the Hungarians finished. I suspect the DBA project will drift!

Look forward to the next exciting update at the end of December. Read how I went with the projects, see what bright shiny wargame figures set me off on even more tangents! Eye rolling smile

Wargaming 2012

It’s still January and I was thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2012 from a wargaming point of view (I know what I want from a professional and personal point of view so wargaming was the last one left to think about). I will admit that this was partly brought on by posts of some of those I read regularly setting out their plans for 2012.

So, what is plan A?

15mm ACW – Union These are being painted and I am waiting for them them to come back from the painters. I then will have a large basing job on my hands.

I need to get some additional figures for this army, namely, troops loading and other marker types. Some Internet time coming up tomorrow I think

6mm Ancients – Part 1 I still have my 6mm DBA project underway. At the moment, one army is painted, one is half painted and5 more are part of the lead pile population. I also have a butt-load of terrain to make for this. One thing I will be doing is to try and make sure the terrain is compatible wit the expected DBA 3 terrain.
6mm Ancients – Part 2 I purchased a copy of Baccus 6mm Ltd’s SPQR Ancient Rules. I have three armies for this in the lead pile – namely Roman, Pontic and Numidian. I want to get these completed this year as well.
Aerial – Part 1 Some air-warfare stuff, partly brought on by reading Biggles and partly from reading the Winter War. I have some aircraft coming from Raiden Miniatures – Set 2 – Russo-Finnish War 1940. This set contains 6 x Tupolev SB-2, 6 x I-16, 4 x Buffalo, 4 x Fokker D.XXI, 4 x Fiat G.50 along with Bases, Dice and Riaden’s our Fast Play Rules & Scenario Sheet. 24 aircraft can’t take that long to paint.
Aerial – Part 1 After Biggles, I am also thinking of something World War 1-ish – either Wings of War or perhaps some Riveresco or Skytrex aircraft and a hunt for some appropriate rules.
Naval I ordered some Houston’s ships, which are nominally, I guess, 1/1200th scale. I also ordered a set of rules. These are to allow me to do the Australians Austrians and the Italians present at the Battle of Lissa. I’m looking forward to doing these.
BKC-II My Early, Middle and Late World War 2 Russians are begging for paint. Most of them are based ready to commence the painting process. I have a few infantry left that I need to base and these these will be ready for paint. Models are GHQ and CinC.
BKC-II To oppose the Russians, initially I picked up some World War 2 Hungarians – so a capable opponent in both Early and Late war varieties. Both the Russians and the Hungarians are for use with Blitzkrieg Commander II.
FWC I have a 6mm ground force for ONESS to paint as enemies for the PacFed. This is for the Future War Commander rules
Starmada Two space fleets are here for painting as well – one PacFed and one ONESS fleet. These are for using with Starmada.
Nappies Here in Singapore I have a 6mm Adler Confederation of the Rhine force as well as a Baccus Polish force to paint. These are organised for Polemos Napoleonic. Back in Sydney is a Prussian force for the same rule-set – with e few elements painted. These were from Ros and Heroics.
Nappies Other I want to start looking at 15mm (18mm) Napoleonics this year as well – some rules research and then figure searches coming up.
Other Lead Here I also have a DBMM Later Crusader Army – I was thinking of painting and using that at this year’s Cancon however the timing of business trips doidn’t work out well enough so it is in the lead pile. Also here are a couple of DBA Armies. Then back in Sydney there are several DBMM armies waiting paint along with 15 or so DBA armies. Then there are the Aeronefs, Land Ironclads and a ton of 1/3000th scale ships also in the lead pile.

I guess there is enough there to keep me busy for a few months this year Confused smile