Brigade’s Christmas Sale

Yes, I know it is not Chrimbo yet – but there are only 76 days left until Christmas 😛

Over recent years Brigade Models has had a Christmas Sale. I figured now was the time to start pouring (or is that pawing) through their catalogue to see what goodies Santa could secretly leave for me under the mistletoe … er … sorry … tree!

More Future War Commander stuff perhaps? Or more spaceships, after all, I am powering my way through the Lost Fleet series at the moment? Maybe some more 2mm buildings, Land Ironclads and Aeronefs.

Oh, so many good things to consider, now just to wait for the happy announcement of the sale!

Future War Commander – Indonesians

That evil mastermind of separating me from cash has tempted me again. Tony over at Brigade Models has released the 6mm Indonesians which would make a perfect opponent or ally for my 6mm PacFed forces for Future War Commander that I had painted back in 2010 – and just in the week I said “no more lead until I have dented the painting pile significantly”

The Kartika Eka Paksi forces are really quite neat and well worth a look at. Also released where two ships for use with Squadron Commander.

So many bright shiny objects, so little time.

Brigade Models – XMAS Sale

Xmas OffersIt’s that time of the year again, Brigade Models are having their now traditional and annual XMAS Sale (I say XMAS as that is how it is called on their front page).

Brigade are offering 15% off everything – and 25% off their Celtos stuff.

What’s tempting for me? Aeronef, Land Ironclads and 6mm SF in particular although I am a little partial to the Iron Stars range as well.

If I was looking at purchasing Aeronefs, then I would have to consider either expanding my American and Japanese fleets or perhaps adding a Scandinavian fleet to the mix.

On the Land Ironclads front, Russian Empire looks really neat as well and something I could merge in with my Aeronef fleets when I get around to working on Peshawar again.

Then there are the 6mm Science Fiction items. I already have (along a one-day cricket theme) the PacFed and waiting for paint British ONESS. Then, along a football theme (or what will be a football theme), EuroFed – the Italian end in particular. Of particular interest then is perhaps the German or CDSU. These 6mm armies work really very well with Future War Commander.

The Iron Stars stuff is just nice – really nice.

So much temptation, so thin a wallet, so little painting time!

Ooo, Nice and Shiny

I’m a wargamer and as such, I’m like a moth to a flame. I see something bright and shiny over there and I fly off in that direction.

I sat down for a whole 10 minutes tonight and undertook a quick summary of what I had on the go. This was partly brought on by Doug’s post about his WWII Germans. So, apart from several bazillion Russians (where did all these T34s come from), here in sunny Singapore I also have two Future War Commander forces awaiting paint, two Squadron Commander sides, 6x6mm DBA armies, 2x15mm DBA armies and a DBMM army of some 400 points that I was trying to get completed for Cancon 2012 but think I will fail on that one.

Oh, and did I mention the 15mm American Civil War? No? Well that’s because I have finally bitten the bullet as it were and after having these figures in stock for 10 years now decided that I was not going to get around to painting the buggers so thought I would send them off to a painting service. More on that later. Anthony and I have been playing American Civil War, first with On To Richmond and lately with the original Fire and Fury.

The other wargaming of late has been with Field of Glory online. Whilst I have never really liked the tabletop rules, the online game works fine – probably because I can’t actually see the calculation mechanisms at work. Those I do recommend, especially for the wargamer who spends a lot of time travelling. The nice thing is that it works well on hotel Internet connections which in many locations are not known for their speed.

Now trying to focus and get something happening this week as I have a whole week in Singapore with no trips planned until next week. To the paint table!

1/600th Scale Samples

I mentioned a while ago that I had ordered a sample pack of the Oddzial Osmy 1/600 tanks from Pico to see what they were like. Below is the contents of the Yom Kippur Sample Pack.

yom_kippur_set The first thing to note is that the grid is a 1cm x 1cm grid. The pack contained three each of Centurion, M113, M109, T-55, BTR-50, M-30 122mm howitzer and three infantry strips.

I should point out the service from Pico Armour was very good with the figures returned very quickly. I’ll just cover a couple of the vehicles that were included.

centurion The Centurion really looks the business, showing the big blocky appearance of the Centurion. I should note too that these are photographed as they came from the pack. There has been no cleanup of the figures either – these are photographed warts (or should I say “flash”) and all.

t55 To the right is the T-55, again, looking like a T-55.

I must admit now that had I not made such an investment in 6mm figures and vehicles over the last year or two, I would seriously consider using these vehicles. I know that this is the same argument I used with 1/6000 ships vs 1/3000 ships but it is the case. I’ll leave you with a close up of some of the infantry.


Future War Commander – PacFed Forces

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I finished painting these a couple of weeks ago and took them to Canberra a week ago where they lost their first game (see PacFed vs SAC). Today I spent some time photographing them a little better that I have done in the past and have put them into a slide show.

The models are all from Brigade Models and are painted with the colours inspired by the Australian Twenty-20 team. I really enjoyed painting these and are very happy with the way they look. Have a look at them.

PacFed vs SAC

P2212819 The battle took place last Sunday morning. Figures were from Brigade Models, rules were the Future War Commander Rules from Specialist Military Publishing, the forces of goodness and niceness, the Pacific Federation (PacFed) under the command of yours truly and the forces of ev-vil and not-niceness, the South African Confederation (SAC) under the ev-vil grand master of badness, Doug.

My forces, PacFed, had a slight numerical superiority over SAC. My forces were also faster, although a little lighter. I tried to pin the SAC in the centre and move around his left flank. Alas, it was to no avail as the heavy SAC AFVs steadily took a toll on the PacFed armour.

P2212821 Even simple tasks seemed too much for PacFed as the second picture shows. Here an Ocelot light grav-tank of the PacFed attempts to overrun a reconnaissance unit of the SAC … unsuccessfully as it turned out.

Oh well, back to the military college for some more training before taking on SAC again in three weeks time or so.These vehicles to the left here not so large, the yellow PacFed vehicle is about 25mm long. The camouflaged SAC reconnaissance vehicle smaller, about 20mm long.

A Mystery of Physics

P2192812 The photo to the left is the PacFed Science Fiction army I had painted to use with the Future War Commander Wargame rules. I added magnetic strips to the bases of the figures and cut some galvanised iron sheet which I glued to the bottom of the box allowing the figures to stick to the bottom of the box and keep them protected whilst being transported.

Of course, when I packed the box, everything fitted perfectly, so perfectly in fact, that there was just not quite enough space for one base.

P2212822 I went to Canberra, I played a game and took most of the figures out of the box. Just before leaving to return to Sydney I repacked the box. Of course, now I could not remember how I packed it the first time. This time, however, I ended up with space in the box after packing everything. Initially I thought I had forgotten to pack something so spent about 15 minutes trying to see what was missing. Nothing was. Strangely, by packing another way, I had more space.

I think I’ll take an aspirin and have a good lie down now 😕

Thomo’s Painting Queue

P2112806 All the 6mm Science Fiction figures of the army of goodness and rightness, the PacFed, are now painted, based, flocked and varnished. They’re ready for the wargame this weekend against Doug’s ev-vil SAC forces. The photo left is some of them in varying states of being painted. I’ll photograph them all next week and add those photos to one of my albums somewhere.

Next on the painting queue is more 1/6000th scale ships. This time it is the Italian Navy of World War 1 for John in the US. I hope to get those knocked over fairly quickly as I also have some 1/300th (6mm) World War 2 Italian ground forces to paint, then more 1/6000th ships.

Mind you, I do think that the final versions of the PacFed look good – here’s a base of infantry just as a teaser for the full photographs next week. These are about one and a half to two times life size – the actual figures stand at 6mm in height.


Thomo’s Painting Queue

P2112806 It’s just got longer. I think I mentioned before that I occasionally paint for other wargamers and usually only those things that I enjoy painting, like ships. Recently as well I have taken to the Blitzkrieg, Cold War and Future War Commander wargame rules from Specialist Military Publishing Ltd with some relish.

You may also recall me mentioning my Modern (well, 1980 anyway) Danish Wargame Army in 6mm for Cold War Commander (CWC) before. That’s almost complete now – I have another 12 bases of those to do.

On the painting table at the moment (and pictured throughout this blog post) is the Future War Commander (FWC) army that I’m building to do battle with the evil minions of Doug in Canberra! These are the PacFed (Pacific Federation) forces supplied from Brigade Models in the UK. These represent the forces of good and niceness from Australia and the Pacific sometime in the future. Facing them will be the evil SAC (South African Confederation) forces of Doug’s.

P2112807 The painting of PacFed is going well. There are 70 bases in this force which total to about 6,000 points in FWC game terms.

The two pictures above show the forces as they are and their state of painting at the moment. So, how does this affect the paint queue – obviously these are being painted?

When these are finished (which I hope will be before the weekend after next) I have the following to do:

  1. World War 1 Italian Fleet in 1/6000th scale for John in the US. Research for this is almost complete as some of these vessels were in a dazzle camouflage scheme whilst others in a simpler plain grey
  2. Lee from Taiwan’s World War 1 British and German fleets – research underway for them as well to see what German funnel colours were for Jutland (yes, I forgot) and whether any of the British ships were camouflaged
  3. My World War 2 Early Italian (1940 ish) Army for Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC) in 6mm. My target for these is by the third week of March
  4. Lee’s Vikings in 15mm. Lee sent me just over 300 Vikings to paint as well – the figures are from Two Dragons Miniatures and are in the Roman Britain jigsaw puzzle box in the photo above. I haven’t painted 15mm commercially before so this will be a kind of test case – although I can’t see myself taking many 15mm figure commissions in the future.


Finally, to get an idea of how the the PacFed will look when the painting and basing is finished, to the left as a fully complete element.

The colours for the Pacfed came from the Australian Cricket Team’s old One Day uniform which I thought gave a nice, futuristic science fiction appearance and appeal to the army. When it is fully painted I’ll photograph the entire army in one shot.

Now, where did I put the brushes?