Further Expenses in Mongolia

Of course, I neglected to mention that whilst I was being burgled twice last week, I also managed to break my spectacles. If you have a look at this link in Thomo’s Hole you’ll see an article on getting a new pair of spectacles in a country where you do not read the language. Well, same thing happened here, with Baggy my translator and Thomo heading off to the optometrist. In two weeks I should have my new specs (add another $300 to the losses this week and yes, I am getting desperate for pay day to roll around again).

Naturally, five hours after visiting the optometrist, I was in Dave’s Place (best little bar in Ulaanbaatar by the way) imbibing the odd pint of X to ease pain at having to spend so much on specs when I met the English optometrist in Ulaanbaatar. Turns out his office is near the bank Head Office building.

Oh well, next time I shall get to him.

Cheers, Thomo the Lost
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