Weighty Matters

imageSome of you may recall the image of Thomo suspended on high and being lowered to the ground by a delightful young lady a third of his weight. I did.

I therefore decided that I would do something about it. I’d noticed that my weight had not really changed all that much over the past couple of years – well, there was a loss of weight in the periods I lived and worked in Korea and Mongolia and an increase in the time I was in Saudi Arabia but overall it had remained the same within a range of a few kilograms.

This suggested to me that my daily intact of nutrient (cheeseburgers, pavlovas and the odd meat pie washed down with beer being the preferred nutrients) was about equal to my daily expenditure of energy, at least proving to some that I did not necessarily just sit on my fat ding all day.

What I therefore needed was a way to expend some more energy and perhaps, at the same time, a slight change to my eating habits. I joined a gym and targeted to spend at least three days of each week doing a little exercise. Periodic weigh-ins have indicated to me that this is having some effect and in the direction I wish to go, although the last couple of weeks indicated a retro step.

So, I will continue this process – exercise and more careful eating, maintaining my Subway addiction.

“What’s your target?” I hear you ask.

Overweight. That is my first target – to just become overweight. Then I’ll sit and assess my next target at that time – oh, and maybe consider a trip back to Singapore to see if I can get myself hung-up again!

Colonic Plaque

I was watching a show on Zone Reality TV here the other day called The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses. It is about a bunch of Pommies taken to a really exclusive resort in Spain’s Andulsian mountains for a holistic detox to fix their bad skin, weight, smoking, emotional and other issues.

I won’t go into too many details (or even mention soft parts of the male anatomy) in reference to this other than to point out that one of the treatments was to remove colonic plaque – also called mucoid plaque. Now I don’t want to talk about the plaque itself – that is best covered by medicos (who presumably know a little about what they talk about) and naturopaths and such (who presumably know how to sell the product that they want you to buy).

I will say that if you are interested, the Wikipedia has a balanced discussion at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mucoid_plaque and, er, my favourite debunking site Snopes has a piece discussing colonic plague with reference to John Wayne and Elvis Presley (something has left the building).

No. What tickled my curiosity was the treatment. To clear this crap the treatment was to take about a litre of coffee in a container with a tube out of it and to insert said tube into the rectum whilst laying on your right hand side. Leave the coffee to empty into the bowel and intestine, leave it there for 30 minutes or so and then pass it out. I think they had to do the treatment over a couple of days.

What I want to know is who was it that thought of shoving a cup of coffee up your jacksie as a treatment for emotional issues?