Painting the Rajputs

I thought I would do a quick write-up of painting the Rajputs for Cancon 2011. Realistically, it should not be that difficult to paint up a DBA sized army. Painting one element a night and over two weeks a DBA army would be completed.

I selected the Rajputs from an Essex Miniatures DBA Army pack that I had. Below are the steps I undertook to painting the army up.

Click the link below to read more and see the pictures of the painting process:

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How-To Wargames Guides Updated

I’ve managed to get around to updating and labelling the How-To Guides. They are in the now migrated Gallery here.

The guides are:

Or go to to access the gallery directly.

One day I’ll get around to expanding these. Feel free to look.

Note (updated 9 December 2008): The gallery has disappeared and I am not sure where it is or how to get it back again, at least until I can persuade (beg, grovel) Jeffro to have a look. I will update here again when all is well and available.

Later note (21 February 2009): The gallery, and therefore the guides, are back.