Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 8

2013-01-11 21.39.10For the last transport leg from Jakarta to Singapore I tried some additional packing – my dirty underwear and socks!


After removing the packing and the bobble wrap the Hungarians looked much like the photo to the left.

Morale of the story – based wargame figures plus air travel by hold baggage to not a happy equation make!

So. what was the full damage report. Mercifully they are Essex Miniatures which are quite robust so most of the damage was riders unseating themselves and bent spears or figures at an odd angle. The photo to the right gives a better idea.2013-01-11 21.42.10

20 minutes of judicious spear and figure straightening has returned everything to rights although I would not want to have too many more spear bending sessions before some spears/lances are going to permanently disappear.

The Koreans are going to lose a spear before Cancon 2013 as the Alain Touller Figurines are a lot more delicate than the Essex.

I had another issue with the Later Hungarians. I felt the base colours are too light – more desert like than steppe like.

2013-01-11 22.00.54I compared the Hungarian bases against the Koguryo and you can see in the photo to the left that the Hungarians have a very yellow appearance

I need to darken it a little. I was thinking of washing with the Acrylic Brown I used for the base coat for the Korean bases but then I would need to do the dry brushing process again.

I decided to try with the Citiadel brown ink wash (can’t remember what odd name it is called by now but it is whast used to be the Devlan Mud wash).

The result is shown on the right.2013-01-11 22.24.30

The base with the 5Wb on it has been washed to take the yellow and white appearance away. The muskets on the left are unwashed and showing the original colours.

I think the wash will be enough to set the colours properly.

More painting today – I’m thinking of trying to finish the Koreans today.

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 7

2013-01-08 22.25.12I travelled by plane yesterday with the Later Hungarians packed in hold baggage. I couldn’t take them carry-on unfortunately due to other circumstances but had them in a magnetised box and covered with bubble wrap.

As you can see when I opened the box, it appears as though my initial wrapping plans were not as successful as I had hoped!

Back to the drawing board on that – I guess I will need to pack my dirty underwear around them.

In the meantime, the positive from this is that as they are Essex Miniatures, they are at least robust so the damage levels were not too excessive.

2013-01-08 22.27.47A few bent spears and lances and one drunken psiloi (he’ll be the chap laying over on his side.

Oh well! At least it is only a short flight to Singapore and two lots of baggage handling this time instead of three and to be honest, there was so much turbulence on the flight from Sydney to Denpasar that everything got shaken around rather a lot.

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 6

2013-01-07 00.59.51Cancon 2013 approaches and last night was my last night at Macksville for some time. I managed to get the base coats on the bases of the Later Hungarians complete however.

Now all that’s left is to paint the figures 😆

Figures will be packed this morning and then placed ion a bag that will be carry on. After that they will next be see in Singapore for the next coats of paint … well … except for at every airport security check when, because they are very dark on the baggage x-ray, the usual question of “what are they?” will be asked. This will be followed, in Indonesia at least, of “are they expensive – are they made of gold?”

There will be no painting, and therefore no painting reports, until next weekend at the earliest. This week I am travelling to Indonesia so I expect to do some more reading. I have a fear though that the reading this week will lead me off on another wargaming tangent. Reading material will be The Western Desert Campaign 1940-41, The Bardia Campaign or Australia’s Palestine Campaign – 1916-1918.

OK, need to get packing for the train trip to Sydney (no more driving after the 5,000kms+ since 14 December 2012. I’ll leave you with a picture of the control group – the 5Wb.

2013-01-07 01.00.40

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 5

2013-01-06 00.49.50In a quick late night painting session before bed (it was between 12:30am and 1:00am this morning to be accurate), I managed to get the first of the base shading done on the figures I am using at Cancon 2013. I leave Macksville tomorrow for Sydney then Tuesday on a flight to Jakarta then after a few days there on to Singapore. This means that after today, no painting until next Saturday at the earliest.

Getting back to Singapore, I am planning on painting for the weekend which will hopefully see the figures from both armies (Koguryo Koreans and Later Hungarians) completed, or nearly completed. Then I can start to relearn the rules. There were a couple of times when having the test losses against Doug that we both had to consult the rules (he because he has been testing DBA 3.0, me because I have not played DBA since Cancon 2011 with the Rajputs).

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 4

Cancon 2013 approaches and I am behind schedule with painting the Later Hungarians (actually, also behind with the Koreans but I reckon I can knock them over fairly quickly).

2013-01-04 01.03.29I had a worry – the bases. On a previous post (Cancon 2013 DBA Later Hungarians 3) you can see the bases after the sand was applied, they were undercoated and a brown wash was used. As you can see from the picture here, you really cannot see the brown on the base.

I was worried that the underlying soil would look black.

I decided to do a couple of test bases to see how it looked before I went hunting for a burnt sienna acrylic for the bases.

2013-01-04 16.43.08

Using the Baccus 6mm system for basing, I then did a heavy dry brush of the base coat which you can see hanging around at the back of the photo. The bases started to look a bit better.

I decided to keep experimenting.

2013-01-04 17.02.14The next colour to be applied was a not quite so heavy dry brushing of the mid coat which lightened the bases considerably.

2013-01-04 17.24.34Lastly a light dry brush of the Top Coat was applied. This is almost the same colour as the Citadel Bleached Bone used to be (off white).

As you can see in the last photo, this has lightened the bases up a lot.

The final decision? Press on with the three colour dry brushing on the rest of the bases.

I’m desperate to get some colour on these chaps though … times a wasting!

Cancon Practice – Later Hungarians vs Later Teutonic Knights

2013-01-01 22.52.29Doug suggested a couple of test games of DBA 2.2 to get ready for Cancon 2013. We made up a Later Hungarian Army from his Germans and he took his Teutonic Knights out for another run. Picture above is after a couple of moves whilst I was particularly trying to get used to the war wagons.

2013-01-01 23.06.39The game moved along nicely with me steadily losing elements. The end result was a victory for Doug (4-1). I did learn a couple of lessons from that game and whilst the 5Wb (the warband that have earned the role of control group in the paining) may look good, they are not really useful on the table in this time period.

A second game was played.

In this game I used the Hungarians a little more aggressively trying to get the feel of the war wagons. I’d also replaced the 5Wb with some blades whom earned their position by beating an element of Doug’s knights.

2013-01-01 23.26.05This game went down to the wire with a 4-3 win to Doug. I was a lot happier with the feel of the Hungarians here.

I guess training is over and I am ready for Cancon 2013!

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 3

2012-12-29 23.49.06After sanding the bases the Hungarians were given an undercoat of Citadels Black Undercoat yesterday afternoon. Using a latex glove((the snapping of a latex glove going on is the last sound the frequent international traveller wishes to hear as they pass through customs)) I was able to spray undercoat under the war wagons and the knights.

The undercoat was then sprayed on the top of the figures and bases and has dried to a nice even coat … ready for painting which will have to wait for next year!

The control group – the warband, now looks like this:

2012-12-29 23.49.24

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 2

2012-12-28 17.50.09Visions of Janis Hunyadi, Matthias Corvinus and Pál Kinizsi floated around my head as I finally started work on the Hungarians. I had glued them to bases in Singapore and the lady had then carried them back to Oz for me to work on here.

There was only two riders dislodged and a couple of bent lances from that travel experience along with the usual questions at security. The picture to the right shows the troops laid out on the painting table ready to start the basing process off.

2012-12-28 22.45.19

The next step was to glue sand and other scatter material to the bases preparatory to undercoating the figures. I wanted to get the sand down on Friday (today) and then allow a good 12 hours for the bases to dry out before undercoating.

Just looking at the painting job that will be necessary, I don’t think I should have based the knights before painting but rather after painting. Anyway, it’s too late to worry about that know. The knights will be annoying to paint but we shall manage.

The photo to the left shows the army after the sand was stuck to the bases.

The next step in this process is to spray undercoat all the figures and I will need to pay special attention to get paint on the undersides of figures.

In the meantime let me leave you with a close-up of what will become my favourite element in this army – the warband!!

2012-12-28 22.47.54

Cancon 2013 – Later Hungarians – 1

2012-12-01 23.39.59After getting the Koreans ready for painting and having decided who should be my book III or IV army, I decided that I should also get the Later Hungarians ready for painting as Cancon 2013 is getting closer every day.

Friday night, when I eventually got home, was spent adding magnetic tape to the appropriately sized bases. There were a couple of issues to deal with, such as the War Wagon bases and the Knights that are on double sized bases. In the end, to solve that problem I used the magnetic tape I adhere to the bottom if the wooden bases to hold the two halves together. Tomorrow when I ass the sand to the bases I am sure that will permanently join them/

The photograph shows the troops laid out. I am sure that I am going to regret trying the new painting method on these, especially the big bases of knights, but hey, you have to try new things sometimes.

The war wagons at the front are not completely glued together yet. I am waiting for the glue holding the wheels on to set before I put any loading on the wheels. That will be first up tomorrow morning.

In the meantime the search continues for uniform information.

Cancon 2013 DBA – The Other Army

20121130-001153.jpgI didn’t get any painting done last night – we needed to got to Funan Digital Mall to buy some technology to spend my PORES allowance. I have a nice new 7th generation iPod Nano to listen to when walking to work and writing documents/preparing presentations. I digress.

I looked at the Book III or IV armies I had here to work with. Initially I was going to rule out IV/43c Later Hungarian, principally because of the war wagons, however I’ll return to them a little later.

I looked first at III/62 Early Poles and these were looking like a good option. A good balance between “punch” troops (Knights); pinning troops (Spears); and some nuisance troops (Bows). There were also some Light Horse and Psiloi for some variation and to allow a variation or two in the way the army is used. Looked good and had a nice big tick against it until I actually checked the figures I had. These are Falcon Figures and I purchased these back in the days of DBA version 1.0. The troops I had could not make that Polish army. Tick becomes a cross.

Next cab off the rank was IV/66 Later Poles. This would be a good army up against historical opponents but in a competition there is not enough variety. 9 of the 12 elements are mounted and that can be 10 elements. Any terrain and it becomes a difficult army to work with. Big Cross.

IV/17 Later Crusader was looked at closely. This is a good army for use in good going and will do well against historical opponents as well but there is nothing light in the army. All 12 elements are either Knights, Spears or Bows/Crossbows. Big Cross…

IV/22 Serbian Empire. This was one I liked the look of and also liked the appearance of from researches to date and to be honest, I really was considering this as the competition army to take. Then I started to look at it with a gamer’s eye (yes, I know, love them, paint them and they will do well for you but …) and the army really didn’t appear all that attractive. Six mounted elements (could be all knights or four knights and some light horse) along with four elements of bow would five most knightly armies pause to think but again, this was missing a pinning force of some sort – blades or spears. It did have a good mounted arm though and being able to switch in and out the light horse was a bonus. Big Cross however.

This brings me back to the IV/43c Later Hungarians. An interesting force. Three elements of knights of some sort (some as a double based element for something a little different), Three light horse for work on the flanks but like the others, a little weak in infantry. In this case, I could take one spear/blade/warband (5 warband) with the rest of the infantry Psiloi or bows.

Then there was the other option. I can replace two of the light infantry with war wagons – something I have never used before and so something a little different for me.

Later Hungarians it is then. Follow their painting progress here too over the coming weeks.