SP Services Singapore – So Primitive

You would think in a place like Singapore that most things are handled quickly and efficiently. Wrong! SP Services, the supplier of electricity, water and gas, whilst having a reasonable looking website, is still far behind many third world developing countries when it comes to simple things such as moving from one property to another.

In every other country I have lived in, when I change address, I let the power/water company know and they transfer my service. Not so here in Singapore. Here I must cancel the service at the place I left and apply for a new connection at the new address, including sending all my identification information again!

Hello fools! I have just spent 18 months paying bills to you. You know me. You have a deposit from me. But now because I move you want to pretend you don’t know me any more. Sigh. I suppose it worked here in 1850 so why change it?

Of course, what is even worse is that Singapore’s SP Services forces me to use the most dangerous web browser at the moment if I want to do anything on line. Yes, their forms are written on an ASP framework and use Microsoft’s Visual Basic. When I try and run this on Chrome, I get to see:

imageWell done. So now to do your work for you, type all my details up and such, I have to use Microsoft Explorer. Not happening. I think I’ll send you a fax and you can type it all up instead!