HMVS Cerberus

HMVS Cerebus in 1/1200th scale
HMVS Cerebus in 1/1200th scale

I received a parcel of goodies yesterday from Brigade Models of the UK. One of the items I had ordered was their model of the HMVS Cerberus. This model is in 1/1200th scale and represents the vessel lying in Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, currently acting as a breakwater. A truly lovely model this. Photos of the various parts can be seen by clicking on the album link below. I will post a picture of her when she is painted up finally. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting your own Cerberus, head off to Brigade Models and have a look. Details of the real Cerberus can be found at the HMVS Cerberus Home Page, dedicated to preserving the vessel.


Australian Cerberus class Monitor

I realized that the Cerberus was parked in Port Phillip Bay in Victoria as a breakwater however I did not know that a model of her had been made. Brigade Models of the UK have released a model of the Cerberus (actually, they did it on 3 May 2008). The link to it is Australian Cerberus class Monitor – VLI-180.

There is also a very good web-site as part of the campaign to save the Cerberus at HMVS Cerberus – Home Page. The Cerberus was, a vessel of the Royal Victorian Navy and is historically very significant. The vessel is the last remaining Ironclad monitor of her time and one of the first to have been built. She was certainly the first fighting vessel produced by Great Britain that was powered entirely from her engines, not having any sails.

I came across this model because my interest in Victorian Science Fiction Wargaming was rekindled, see Victorian Science Fiction.

The picture of the model is taken from the Brigade Models web-site.