Korean War Memorial Museum

Jeffro has done it again and got the gallery back in Thomo’s Hole. That means that the Korean War Memorial Museum exhibits I’d photographed are able to be viewed again. I’ll back these up over time to a cloud service somewhere and post alternate links, however, in the interim, https://thomo.coldie.net/gallery/v/museums/korean_war_memorial/ will take you to those albums, the albums covering the Koryo, Three Kingdoms and Chosun periods of Korean history.

Also there is some images from the Righteous Army times in the early 20th, late 19th centuries.

Korean Armour – Chosun, Koryo, Silla, Three Kingdoms

Just a reminder to those of you that have been using the pictures of Korean armour and weapons, that because I still can’t get to the Gallery in here, I have them placed in a web album in Picassa. You can find them at Thomo the Lost’s Picassa Album.