New cable to connect Australia and New Zealand

Huawei Marine has announced that it will undertake a seabed survey for the planned Optikor cable to link Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2103.

So, not only will New Zealand remain tethered to Australia, but they will take 91 years to decide where to lay their cable!

I Must Be Really Hot!

According to some recent research mentioned on early morning TV yesterday, it appears as though average looking blokes think they are better looking than they are whilst good looking chaps really don’t think that they are that good looking at all. In a related piece of information. researchers at the University of Texas have concluded that attractive males have a tendency to underestimate a female’s interest in them.

Given that every morning I get up and look in the mirror and think “MEH” ((more like MEEEEEEH!)) and as far as I can see, all I notice in hot babes around me is absolute indifference, on the strength of it I must be really, really hot!



Baywatch Armatree 2010

Armatree is out near Dubbo in Central New South Wales, Australia – several hundred kilometres from the sea. For years the area was drought affected then it rained … and rained and rained and recently was flooded. What the farmers there didn’t lose to the drought they lost to the flood. What could not be taken was their sense of humour.

In an effort to provide some cheer to the local community, three of the farmers got together to film a spoof on Baywatch. This is on You Tube.

The three farmers, Hugh, Chris and J.B, filmed the Baywatch spoof as a local Christmas fundraiser. In the true tradition of the Aussie bush they donned the sexy khaki made famous by Steve Irwin and made this short film.

The Digital Story of the Nativity

Every so often I come across a You Tube piece that takes my fancy. There have been two recently. One is this one, the Digital Story of the Nativity. Just brilliantly executed. The other is a Baywatch parody that I’ll post later.

In the interim, sit back and enjoy the Digital Story of the Nativity.