World at War – Nomonhan

WW32M-2Readers of Thomo’s Hole will be well aware of my interest in things Mongolian and in part in my interest in the Mongolian involvement in World War 2. Whilst it is generally accepted that World War 2 started with the German invasion of Poland, I have contended that it really started with the Japanese invasion of China and the installation of the puppet regime in Manchuoko (Manchuria). Nomonhan, or as it is known in Mongolia, the Battle at Khalkin-gol, was a decisive in moment in Japanese/Russian relations. The effect of the battle was the Japanese no longer continuing to look northward for expansion but rather to concentrate more on the East-Asia sphere and to also free up Russian divisions that would later be needed in the West facing the Germans.

For those reasons I consider the Battle at Khalkin-gol as a key moment at the start of World War 2.

World at War this month looks at that battle (and in the full version has a game based on the events at the battle). I must admit being tempted to purchase the game issue this issue.

Other items in the magazine this issue include:

  • A look at Lend Lease between the US and Soviets in World War 2
  • Army Group Courland and the Breakwater Strategy
  • Auchinleck vs Montgomery – who really did save the 8th Army from Rommel’s efforts?
  • Brief notes, observations on:
  • Operation Whiteshot and the Churchill NA75 Tank
  • Black and female US wartime aviators
  • The story of Robert L Vannoy, USMC VMF-115
  • and the destruction of the French Fleet at Toulon in 1942

Overall, a great issue and one that has me putting aside the current issue of Strategy and Tactics until I can finish this.

Khalkin-gol – Nomonhan 1939 – New Books

A nice parcel arrived from Amazon today with some books I’ve been waiting for. These are three works on the Battle of Khalkin-gol (Nomonhan in the Japanese) that occurred between Russia and Mongolia on one side and Japan and Manchuoko on the other side.

As readers here will know I have a particular fascination with things Mongolian as well as some of the more esoteric areas of the wars of the 20th century (and indeed, the 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th centuries).

The hard copy books go with the Kindle version of Leavenworth Papers – Nomonhan: Japanese-Soviet Tactical Combat 1939 by Edward Drea that I picked up a while ago.

The three books in today’s bundle were:

  • Nomonhan 1939 – The Red Army’s Victory that Shaped World War II by Stuart D Goldman (ISBN 978-1-59114-329-1)
  • In the Skies of Nomonhan – Japan versus Russia May-September 1939 by Col Prof Dimitar Nedialkov PhD (ISBN 978-0-85979-152-6)
  • Nomonhan: Japanese-Soviet Tactical Combat, 1939 by Edward Drea (ISBN 978-1-105-65014-7) – and yes, this is the same as the Kindle version but I wanted a hard copy of it as it is:
    • easier to read in hard copy
    • permanently with me, not at the whim of Amazon.

For those unfamiliar, the Battle at Khalkin-gol started as a border skirmish and escalated.

I have some serious reading to do now – then some research and maybe turn this into a couple of games.