Yesterday’s News

So, yesterday was one of those days for news in the paper and a few articles caught my eye (including the MSE article I mentioned in the last post). Of course, the Moran family hit was something that if it had not involved the death of a man would have been truly funny in a black kind of way. Other news was:

Pensioner risks losing home over unpaid BigPond account – this was a classic piece of typical Telstra combined with what happens corporate-wide when you outsource everything. Seems that the pensioner ran up a bill of about $1000 and hadn’t paid. Telstra stopped chasing her, added some fees, sold the bill off to a collection agency who added some more fees, got the bill up to $2000 (how does a bill in Australia double?) and then took the pensioner to Bankruptcy Court where administrative fees are now added to it all and from a $1000 start, the pensioner now owes $23,000. Well done Telstra – seems you have retained the Sol what’s-‘is-name efficiency!

Tears as senator’s daughter expelled from chamber – this has received a lot of coverage lately with opinions kind of split about whether the Senate should change its regulations to permit a child being in the chamber with a parent. I have a problem with this (a couple actually). The first is that it is a workplace and as such, there are risks involved in having a child around. The fact that it is the senate chamber does not make it any safer and it is, in my opinion, irresponsible parenting to have a child there. Secondly, if the Senate permits senator’s children in the chamber, then this sets a precedent for all other workplaces or creates another inequity in Australian society. So, for example, would we permit a child in an Army Main Battle Tank because dad is the driver? Perhaps in the No 3 smelter at the BHP steelworks in Newcastle? Why should these places be treated differently to the Senate? The third issue is one of that of fellow workers. They do not come to work to have children running around the office which may effect their work output. Unfair on colleagues, unsafe for the child and inequitable for society as a whole.

He had her jailed for adultery, now she’s headed to Australia with him – this was a classic. Bloke rings the police in Dubai when his missus disappears into a hotel with another bloke for a bit of jiggery-pokery. Police then arrest her and the other bloke, they are sentenced for naughtiness and spend 6 weeks in gaol in Dubai. She gets out of gaol and heads off to Australia (as she has been deported from Dubai) with her husband – seems that they have kissed and made up. Why is this interesting? Well, I am wondering if the Australian immigration folks actually let her in as she has recently been incarcerated and has a criminal record overseas. After all, she did 6 weeks in the slammer, the woman who pinched the bar mat from the bar in Phuket and was subsequently denied a visa to the US, she was only fined $20!

Yep, it’s good news week!