Sydney’s transport behind Mumbai

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a piece today about Sydney’s transport being behind Mumbai’s. Actually, it is behind a lot of places. What I can’t understand is that the problems are fairly simple to look at and solve if you step one step backwards and look at it slightly differently.

Taxi Shortage

Have a look outside of my window – they’re all queued along Market Street and York Street 😆 no, I am being facietious. There are always a lot of them parked at Sydney Airport and given the surcharge the cab pays for the airport destination plus the cost of petrol recently, I can understand why. Simple solution, subsidise taxi petrol costs (take the tax off maybe) as well as removing any location surcharges and make it attractive for taxis to remain on the road roaming. This will also increase the number of vehicles on the road at any one time and make it more attractive for other drivers to return to public transport.


The missing metros are a problem, however, the biggest problem is that the Railways folks try to run the Sydney network as a big network. Now, given that already train trip times are longer now then they were 30 years ago, give up on that big schedule. Instead, break up the network. Have trains shuttle between Hornsby and North Sydney and Return. Shuttle between North Sydney and Central and Return. Between Central and Strathfield; Between Strathfield and Parramatta; between Parramatta and Blacktown; and between Blacktown and Penrith. A passenger wanting to travel between Wynyard and Blacktown takes a train to Central, changes there for a Stathfield train, then changes for Parramatta, and then changes again for a Blacktown train.

Do this and a delay anywhere in the network does not debilitate the entire network. It is also possible to schedule some direct trains between the “interchange” stations to speed the trips up. However, doing it this way will allow more people to be moved and a better servide to be provided. It also avoids the malarky of the new rail route from Hornsby to Epping to Chatswood and then via Strathfield back to Epping. Better to just have a few trains that shuttle between Epping and Chatswood.

So – not so much of a problem after all 🙂

Indians Question Themselves

I was in Bombay (Mumbai) for work. I had meetings to attend and was there for the week that ran into Republic Day (the 26th of January … same day as Australia Day). A couple of days before Republic Day one of the newspapers ran an article asking Indians if they felt there was less of a display of patriotism than before. The article when on to talk about pride in India and things Indian and so on.

On the way to the office that morning the rear window on the car next to me wound down and a woman dropped a handful of rubbish out the window and on to the street.

I though “there is the answer to that question … no pride in their own home”.

Then I noted all the Indian companies who do not have a .in domain. Most of the big international Indian companies seem ashamed to proclaim they are Indian as many have .com domains only. Barclay’s (an English bank) has an Indian domain for its local operation but the big software and outsourcing companies do not. Korean companies have .kr, New Zealand companies .nz, Taiwanese companies .tw but Indian companies seem to want to hide their origins.

I guess that sums up the newspaper’s question about national pride.