Happy Naadam (Наадам) Festival

To my Mongolian friends – enjoy your Naadam (Наадам) festival and holiday.

For the rest, the Naadam festival is an annual festival and holiday in Mongolia, turning up on the 11th, 12th and 13th of July each year. The festival is in celebration of the three manly games of archery, horse-riding and wrestling. These are held over the Naadam festival period. In the countryside, there are Naadams in each town over the summer. In Ulaanbaatar the Naadam Festival and Holiday is over the period 11th to 13th of June.

These dates are significant in Mongolian modern history as it was in July 1921 that Sukhbaatar finally liberated the then town of Niislel Khuree and formed an independent Mongolia. Niislel Khuree was later renamed Ulaanbaatar or “Red hero” in honour of Sukhbaatar’s efforts and the support of Bolshevik Russia at the time, liberating Mongolia from the then Republic of China and other freebooters.