No Posts? Lazy or Busy? Olympics

Busy … and that’s my excuse.

Actually, I am on a trip back to Oz (a business trip) so away from one of my major painting piles. However, there is no real chance to paint in Oz either ((there is another major lead pile here still too)) as I have meetings organised in Brisbane (memo to self, check when the Exhibition is on in Brisbane next time before making appointments), Sydney and Melbourne over a ten-day period.

When I get back to Singapore on the 22nd I will need to spend time sorting some stuff out as there will be an accommodation move shortly.

I will, however, have some time next week to post a Work in Progress update. This will be centred almost entirely around 6mm and will contain my first experiences with etched brass.

Until then, let me just note that Channel 9 in Australia provided coverage of the Olympics for free-to-air TV and the coverage sucked. Mediacorp in Singapore did a much superior job. Well done UK however, the London Olympics shows that if you keep at something for 64 years you will get good at it! 😆