Brigade Models – XMAS Sale

Xmas OffersIt’s that time of the year again, Brigade Models are having their now traditional and annual XMAS Sale (I say XMAS as that is how it is called on their front page).

Brigade are offering 15% off everything – and 25% off their Celtos stuff.

What’s tempting for me? Aeronef, Land Ironclads and 6mm SF in particular although I am a little partial to the Iron Stars range as well.

If I was looking at purchasing Aeronefs, then I would have to consider either expanding my American and Japanese fleets or perhaps adding a Scandinavian fleet to the mix.

On the Land Ironclads front, Russian Empire looks really neat as well and something I could merge in with my Aeronef fleets when I get around to working on Peshawar again.

Then there are the 6mm Science Fiction items. I already have (along a one-day cricket theme) the PacFed and waiting for paint British ONESS. Then, along a football theme (or what will be a football theme), EuroFed – the Italian end in particular. Of particular interest then is perhaps the German or CDSU. These 6mm armies work really very well with Future War Commander.

The Iron Stars stuff is just nice – really nice.

So much temptation, so thin a wallet, so little painting time!

PacFed Space Fleet – Prototype

I finally got around to painting a prototype vessel of the PacFed Space Fleet. The models come from Brigade Models in the UK and are, I must admit, really neat. Unlike the Future War Commander PacFed that I painted earlier this year I wanted these to look a little more “spacey”. I therefore thought I’d go for a metallic look. Below are the painting steps I took.

The spaceship undercoated in white

The first step was undercoating. In this case I hand undercoated using Citadel Foundation Colours Skull White. As my plan is to paint light colours I find the white undercoat with colour washes works best.

When I paint the full force (there is about 30 or 40 vessels altogether in the fleet) I’ll spray undercoat all the vessels at one time.

Basecoated in Ivanden Darksun

The spaceship was then covered in a basecoat of Ivanden Darksun. This foundation colour is very useful, especially when painting yellows and similar light colours.

The original PacFed forces were all covered in this basecoat as well.

After this basecoat, and following the suggestion of the guys at the Games Workshop Bunker in Clarence Street in Sydney, I mixed some colours. The first mix was 2 parts Shining Gold to 1 part Calthan Brown. This was then applied to the model. The next colour mix was 1 part Mithril Silver to 1 part Knarloc Green. The third mix was 1 part Dwarf Bronze to 1 part Mechrite Red.

Gold, Green and Red adde

The image to the left shows the paint scheme to this point.

The next steps were to mix a wash. The wash was 1 part Devlan Mud to 1 part Badab Black. The model was then washed in that.

The next colour was then added. This was Burnished Gold. It was applied over the gold areas.

A final wash of Sepia Gryphonne was then applied to the whole mode and the black stand was touched up to take care of paint splashes.

The result of this is shown below.

The Finished Model

I’m not 100% satisfied with this yet – I think I want the piping more red and the green could be, well, maybe greener but overall the gold is growing on me.

The Next PacFed

Way back last year I painted some figures for Future War Commander – PacFed Forces. I’ve played a few games with them. Recently I decided to expand the forces to include spaceships. Brigade Models were holding their annual summer sale and had recently released a PacFed space force for Starmada or Full Thrust rules. This meant the purchase of a lot of ships for not such a great price.

The problem I have been wrestling with concerns the colours to paint them. I wanted to continue the Aussie Cricket Team colours started with the Future War Commander vessels – basically, green and gold (all right, yellow). But I kept thinking “spaceships, there should be something more”. Metals came to mind along with ceramics. Then it occurred to me, “gold”!

“Eureka” I thought.

I wasn’t sure how to handle the gold though so at lunch time today I took myself off to the Games Workshop Bunker in Clarence Street to have a chat with the friendly staff and a look at the Shining and Burnished Gold colours available in their paint range.

We spoke and then they suggested a variation which looks like it might just be the business for the ships – leastwise for the gold part. Mix the gold with some brown and use that. The suggested method was:

  1. Undercoat (black or white – still undecided – will experiment with both to see the final finish)
  2. Mix 2 parts Shining Gold with 1 part Calthan Brown as the basic gold colour
  3. Wash with a 1:1 mix of Badab Black and Devlan Mud
  4. Highlight with Burnished Gold
  5. Final wash with Gryphonne Sepia Wash

OK, so the reason I am writing this post is to make sure I don’t forget the alchemy.

For the green there were a couple of suggestions. One was to paint the green areas with Mithril Silver and keep applying successive washes of Thraka Green Wash until the whole green area took on a green hue.

A second idea was to mix 2 parts Mithril Silver with 1 part Goblin (or Snot) Green and see how that looks. A green wash may still be necessary after that and use one of the lighter greens for a highlight. Lots of good ideas to try.

I will, of course, post a blow-by-blow description of how the painting went when I try it. And thanks to the GW staff in Sydney – good ideas (and I will be back when I do the next batch of Victorian Science Fiction to look at the bronze/green mix).

Future War Commander – PacFed Forces

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I finished painting these a couple of weeks ago and took them to Canberra a week ago where they lost their first game (see PacFed vs SAC). Today I spent some time photographing them a little better that I have done in the past and have put them into a slide show.

The models are all from Brigade Models and are painted with the colours inspired by the Australian Twenty-20 team. I really enjoyed painting these and are very happy with the way they look. Have a look at them.

Thomo’s Painting Queue

P2112806 All the 6mm Science Fiction figures of the army of goodness and rightness, the PacFed, are now painted, based, flocked and varnished. They’re ready for the wargame this weekend against Doug’s ev-vil SAC forces. The photo left is some of them in varying states of being painted. I’ll photograph them all next week and add those photos to one of my albums somewhere.

Next on the painting queue is more 1/6000th scale ships. This time it is the Italian Navy of World War 1 for John in the US. I hope to get those knocked over fairly quickly as I also have some 1/300th (6mm) World War 2 Italian ground forces to paint, then more 1/6000th ships.

Mind you, I do think that the final versions of the PacFed look good – here’s a base of infantry just as a teaser for the full photographs next week. These are about one and a half to two times life size – the actual figures stand at 6mm in height.