Another DBA Campaign – Byzantines

I’ve always had an interest in the Byzantines, ever since my Uni days. This interest has been reawakened recently after listening the Lars Brownworth’s Byzantine Rulers podcast.

I mentioned a new project the other day, the Tribal Mongol Campaign, where I was thinking of collecting a number of contemporary opponents built to the DBA rules. Mention of the Pecheneg and Cumans by Brownworth in his podcast dealing with Alexius set an idea off in my head. The result is another collection of armies to build.

The armies i decided on are all from book III of the lists, except for the Byzantines. I will hunt for these figures as I am for the Mongol collection. The armies I’m using are three enemies of the Byzantines, one “ally” and one army that was both ally and enemy … and the Byzantines as well, of course 😆

The armies are:

  • III/79 – Cuman (Kipchak) 1054-1394 CE
  • III/73a – Seljuk Turk (Rum) 1200-1243 CE
  • III/47 – Pecheneg 850-1122 CE
  • III/51 – West Frankish/Norman 881-1072 CE (Robert Guiscard and his son Bohemud)
  • III/52 – East Frankish 888-1106 CE (Alexius paid/persuaded Henry to attack the possessions of Robert Guiscard)
  • IV/1a – the Komnenan Byzantines 1071-1204 CE

These were selected as the Seljuk Turks along with the Pechenegs attacked the Byzantines. To counter this Alexius persuaded the Cumans to attack the Pechenegs and managed to persuade the Turks to revolt against the Sultan.

The Cumans started raiding and to counter that, Alexius had the Cuman leader assassinated.

The Normans under Robert Guiscard attacked the Byzantines. To counter this threat Alexius persuaded Henry (Heinrich), the ruler of the East Franks, to attack Guiscard’s possessions causing them to withdraw.

A most interesting period and one I am looking forward to considering the figures for this army and to organise and paint them over the coming year or two.