A Diversion – 2mm Middle Eastern Villages

Irregular Miniatures and Brigade Models 2mm buildings and village
Irregular Miniatures and Brigade Models 2mm buildings and village

I thought the for a change last night I would not add paint to the 1/6000 ships mentioned in On the workbench – painting in progress as I did not have much painting time available and really, I wanted to give my eyes a bit of a rest. What could be better than to prepare some 2mm buildings for the Aeronef Peshawar project? For the curious, 2mm is approximately 1/900 scale which is about right working with the nominal 1/1200th scale of the Aeronefs and looks about right with the Land Ironclads stuff produced by Brigade Models.

I had purchased a load of Brigade’s 2mm scale Middle Eastern buildings as well as some Irregular Miniatures Middle Eastern villages. I had been debating about how to handle these. The Brigade stuff was absolutely going to have to be stuck to something as they were individual buildings (see 2mm terrain for how they looked fresh from the post office).

I finally decided to try them glued to 20-thou Plasticard. I worked on 30mm, 40mm and 80mm sized bases. By basing this way I can set multiple separated bombing targets for the Aeronefs and Aerostats as small villages or larger towns. The ruled grid in the picture is a 1cm square grid.

Cute aren’t they?

Back to the ships tonight – I want to finish painting them tonight and then spend time tomorrow labelling the bases, ready to post on Monday. Then I’ll out some paint on these and see how they look painted up.

The Postman Cometh

The package from Irregular that arrived in my mailbox today
The package from Irregular that arrived in my mailbox today

One of the nice things about the mail box in Singapore is that parcels like this fit in them. The postman open a door and he can place mail in all letterboxes even when those letters or parcels are too big to fit through the slot in the letterbox. Good design really.

I received a parcel from Irregular Miniatures today. I ordered some stuff (unlike Navwar, Irregular accepts orders by electronic means). I ordered on 12 March 2013. On 13 March 2013 Ian Kay of Irregular put my parcel in the post and it arrived in my letterbox here in Singapore today, 21 March 2013. I’m impressed and I do love the service from Irregular – they are one of the best.

I’d ordered some 2mm terrain for the Peshawar project (1/1200th scale aeronefs and Land Ironclads – Victorian Science Fiction). I also ordered some of Irregular’s 15mm ancient figures, in part because I have never painted any. I’ve painted their 2mm and 6mm figures (and I’ll be honest here, the 6mm were not my favourites – I was spoiled early on by first being exposed to Heroics and Ros too many years ago to remember).

The contents of the package from Irregular Miniatures
The contents of the package from Irregular Miniatures

The 15mm figures will make up a Khmer DBA army and I will comment on them further later.

The 2mm terrain was some villages and woods and again I’ll comment on those in a later post. The best was the 2mm train-set. I have painted some of that before in  Oz and they look fine. They will fit in well to then Colonial world that is Peshawar, my Victorian Science Fiction universe.

Now I am just waiting for my copy of Shipwreck which should arrive any day now, and my Indian and Chinese navies. Judging from the past performance of Navwar, my letter should arrive in their shop tomorrow or Monday then 7 to 10 days later a parcel should arrive here.

In the meantime, tomorrow night will be set aside for a serious planning session to work out how to handle the 2mm terrain. Until that post appears here, goodnight!

The Decision is In!

OK, after much deep consideration I have settled on the next wargaming project. It is:

All of this is in addition to finishing the American Civil War figures and pondering 20mm World War 2 ((I’m pretty sure that will be 20mm)).

The perfect wargamer’s solution.

Decisions Still Pending

Yep – wargamer’s paralysis!

With several kilograms of unpainted lead waiting in the man cave, I am still unable to decide what to do next. I looked further at the modern naval and even prepared an order for a Chinese and an Indian modern fleet along with the addition of a carrier or two for each and some aircraft models. I then duly faxed the order to Navwar only to have the fax machine fail to deliver (Navwar has the  most archaic ordering process and to be honest, the best way to order is to send them a letter ((actually, I am about to post that failed fax – I’ll report on the turnaround time in the future here in the Hole)).

Last night I received another batch of 2mm buildings from Brigade Models to use with the aeronefs and land ironclads. I am still trying to think about how to use them effectively. Mind you, I am fairly sure that I want to do something with them, so sure that I ordered some more 2mm terrain from Irregular Miniatures on Tuesday. Ian Kay of Irregular let me know that they were put in the post yesterday so I expect to see them here in Singapore by the middle of next week.

Whilst considering possible projects, I have been thinking about another 15mm DBMM army or two, especially as I really liked the look of the Khurasan Miniatures I have seen. I even considered some of the earlier American types from his ranges. It then occurred to me that as I was sitting in Asia, why not do an Asian army – say Cham; or Thai; or Vietnamese; or Indonesian; or Malay. Interestingly, I noted that Irregular Miniatures made Cham and as I had never tried painting any of his 15mm figures before, I thought I would give that a go. I therefore calculated a DBA Army for the Cham and ordered the figures off Irregular. They sell their figures individually which was nice – nothing left over from that for the spares box.

I even called up Paradigm Inifitum here the other day to see whether they had sold all the Plastic Soldier Company 15mm boxes that were not moving at the warehouse sale – let’s just say we are negotiating. Anthony has 20mm though so I am still really undecided about scale for World War 2.

Now, I reckon I have about a month or two of basing to finish the Union ACW army, so I guess the ideas are going to change about another dozen times before I finish the bases and can move on to the next project. Someone get me some sunglasses so I can no longer see the new bright shiny wargame figures

What’s Next?

I hear you say.

After a stressful week or two where I have not painted (probably adding to my stress), I have, however, in the quieter moments been considering the next wargame project ((other than completing the basing on the ACW and John’s French WW1 fleet – yes John, they are about the painting table now)).

I was thinking about a DBMM army. I really liked the pictures of the Khurasan Miniatures I had seen but he’s taken the website off-air for a few weeks. I was thinking Kushan, or Khurasanian or even something South American. I also considered increasing my Koguryo Koreans to DBMM size. The Alain Touller Figurines are really quite nice. Lastly I have been considering something South-East Asian – Javanese and the like.

I was also thinking about my Peru-Bolivia-Chile project in 10mm. That seems quite an attractive proposition at the moment although I would need to write some rules.

What I finally decided on is Aeronefs. I have ‘nefs and Aerostats to paint. I have 2mm terrain pieces to fly over. I have always wanted a train set and I know where I can get a 2mm train. As for terrain, some A4 size MDF sheets from Art Friend here are going to be just the business as a base to build terrain on.

Yep, decided. A continuation of the Peshawar project.


The Last 2012 Christmas Present

The envelope complete with almost washed out label
The envelope complete with almost washed out label

It was Brigade Models sale so part of the Christmas present for me from me last Christmas was some more stuff from them – Aeronefs to be accurate. Singapore Post did well to deliver the parcel given that the label, printed on an inkjet printer I would guess, was starting to wash away because of the inclement weather here at this time of the year.

I had purchased a Japanese fleet along with an American fleet (I think that must have been Brigade’s Summer Sale) back in July last year so I took the opportunity to add some reinforcements to both of them.

I think this will produce two fairly large Aeronef fleets and some interesting battles.

The Japanese and Americans were another two of the protagonists for my Peshawar campaign when I ever get around to spending more time building that.

I also purchased a Russian fleet pack (the missing protagonist for the Great Game that will be Peshawar  and that fleet was also included. I will photograph all this up properly later. In the meantime, the picture of the plastic bags to the left will just have to serve to whet your appetite!

The bags containing a Russian Aeronef fleet pack along with reinforcements for the Japanese and the Americans
The bags containing a Russian Aeronef fleet pack along with reinforcements for the Japanese and the Americans

Observant readers of the Hole will notice that there are, in fact, four bags there and so far I have described three lots of vessels only.

The fourth bag is actually full of 2mm scale buildings. These are the approximate scale of the Aeronefs and the Land Ironclads. I had some 2mm terrain from Irregular Miniatures delivered earlier in the year as well but Brigade Models have started producing their own 2mm buildings so I purchased an industrial estate as well as a country village. More photos of them to follow too. I will say now though that having had a quick look through the buildings, they are very nice.

Brigade Models – XMAS Sale

Xmas OffersIt’s that time of the year again, Brigade Models are having their now traditional and annual XMAS Sale (I say XMAS as that is how it is called on their front page).

Brigade are offering 15% off everything – and 25% off their Celtos stuff.

What’s tempting for me? Aeronef, Land Ironclads and 6mm SF in particular although I am a little partial to the Iron Stars range as well.

If I was looking at purchasing Aeronefs, then I would have to consider either expanding my American and Japanese fleets or perhaps adding a Scandinavian fleet to the mix.

On the Land Ironclads front, Russian Empire looks really neat as well and something I could merge in with my Aeronef fleets when I get around to working on Peshawar again.

Then there are the 6mm Science Fiction items. I already have (along a one-day cricket theme) the PacFed and waiting for paint British ONESS. Then, along a football theme (or what will be a football theme), EuroFed – the Italian end in particular. Of particular interest then is perhaps the German or CDSU. These 6mm armies work really very well with Future War Commander.

The Iron Stars stuff is just nice – really nice.

So much temptation, so thin a wallet, so little painting time!

The American Aeronef Fleet

DSC01462The rest of the parcel from Brigade Models was the Americans to face off against the Japanese. As with the Japanese, I purchased two fleet packs.

The American fleet packs are battleship heavy which makes them an interesting opponent for the Japanese. I am planning on a paint job on these that is reminiscent of the Great White Fleet.

The first of the two packs I purchased is shown on the right. It was pack VANFP-202 and contains:

  • 2 x Maine class Battleship
  • 1 x Baton Rouge class Cruiser
  • 2 x Des Moines Class Frigate
  • 2 x Tallahasee Class Patrol Nef

DSC01463To accompany that battleship group above I ordered fleet pack VANFP-201 which is illustrated on the right. It contains:

  • 2 x Texas class Battleship
  • 1 x Michigan Class Destroyer
  • 2 x Des Moines Class Frigate
  • 2 x Tallahasee Class Patrol Nef

This gives me a combined fleet, heavy in battleships, of:

  • 2 x Maine class Battleship
  • 2 x Texas class Battleship
  • 1 x Baton Rouge class Cruiser
  • 1 x Michigan Class Destroyer
  • 4 x Des Moines Class Frigate
  • 4 x Tallahasee Class Patrol Nef

If these paint up as well as I expect them too then I will definitely be adding to these vessels and then by default, the Japanese I discussed yesterday. As I mentioned, I am planning on painting them based on the colours of Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet which circumnavigated the globe early in the 20th century, calling into Sydney amongst other places. Let me leave you then with an illustration of the Great White Fleet.


The Postman Came

DSC01460I love it when the postman comes. He came today with a nice parcel from the folks at Brigade Models. I had decided to take advantage of the summer sale at Brigade (after having manfully resisted purchasing anything from them at Salute 2012) to top up my aeronef fleet.

Over the last couple of years I have been building the necessary troops for my Peshawar collection. Whilst it is currently based around colonial English, French, German and Russian, I did think it was a good opportunity to introduce the Pacific powers. So I ordered some Japanese and American ‘nefs. Tonight I’ll deal with the Japanese.

The first part of the order was for fleet pack VANFP-602, the Japanese Carrier pack. The photo to the right shows the content of this which is:

  • 1 x Ryujo class Carrier
  • 1 x Yakumo class Heavy Cruiser
  • 3 x Nagatsaki class Destroyer
  • 3 x Mikasa Class Patrol Nef
  • 12 x A1D Shinden Fixed Wing Fighter
  • 4 x Fighter Stand
  • 12 x Clear plastic flying stand

I was tempted by this pack for the fixed wing aircraft that would be carried by the Ryujo class carrier. Not shown are the flying and fighter stands.

DSC01461To accompany the carrier group above I ordered fleet pack VANFP-601

  • 2 x Yashima class Battleship (the same structure that forms the basis of the Rjujo carrier)
  • 1 x Yakumo class Heavy Cruiser
  • 1 x Akashi class Light Cruiser
  • 1 x Nagatsaki class Destroyer
  • 2 x Mikasa Class Patrol Nef
  • 7 x Clear plastic flying stand

This pads the fleet up nicely to give a total Japanese fleet of:

  • 1 x Ryujo class Carrier
  • 12 x A1D Shinden Fixed Wing Fighter
  • 2 x Yashima class Battleship
  • 2 x Yakumo class Heavy Cruiser
  • 4 x Nagatsaki class Destroyer
  • 5 x Mikasa Class Patrol Nef
  • 1 x Akashi class Light Cruiser

Also included are a Play sheets CD and some Japanese naval ensigns.

I know, more for the paint pile – still, they are such nice little models. I’ll post details of the Americans later

Painting and Wargaming Update

There has been a bit of a hiatus with this recently as the real world invaded and took up more time in the other world than I would have liked. As a result, I’ve really not managed any painting or gaming in the last couple of weeks. I have, however, managed to spend the odd minute planning and today (or rather yesterday by the time this posts), I did manage to work on John’s Austrian World War 1 fleet. They are almost complete now, just requiring labelling and varnishing. I’ll have those in the post to the US by the end of the week (and my PayPal account will feel a little happier).

With regards to my ancient purchases recently, today I started to paint a test Warmaster unit for the Parthians – undercoating a unit of archers.

I also managed to finish reading Simon Scarrow’s “The Gladiator”, the last published adventures of Macro and Cato. Of course, this then got me thinking about the Servile Wars and Slave Revolts so some time was spent today planning a Warmaster Ancients Army list for those wars. I will publish that list here when I finish it.

There are currently prepared and undercoated, a bazillion Prussians also requiring paint, as is the remaining World War 2 Italians. There are also two fleets of Aeronefs, three armies of Land Ironclads as well as a harbour full of 1/2400th ships to paint.

The good news, however, is that the paint was flowing today and will continue to flow this week. Finish the ships, finish four battalions of Prussian Landwehr, one unit of Parthian skirmishers and then finish the World War 2 Italians – well, that’s a plan!