Paint or Sell — 15mm Philistines

Sorting through the lead pile1 I came across some unpainted ancients. Actually, I came across a lot of unpainted lead but more of that later.

So now I am trying to decide – paint ’em or sell ’em.

Essex Miniatures
No Code Description Infantry Chariots
3 BS29 Command Chariot 3
16 BS31 Chariots 16
8 BS37 Kharu archers 8
6 BS33 Canaanite S/Less Javelins 48
5 BS??? Some sort of s/less Spearmen 40
4 BS112? Sea Peoples Infantry 32
4 BS32 Canaanite shield spear and armour 32
5 BS52? Shield tunic spear (Minoan types) 40
Totals     200 19

These are all Essex Miniatures and look good. I’m not sure of the exact composition of some of the packets but I recall when I built the stock for this I did make sure I covered everything that was needed to build about 400 AP of Philistines.

So … paint ’em or sell ’em?

Unpainted Philistines
Unpainted Philistines


1. Actually, I am looking for the British and German fleets from Jutland which I can’t find.