Mortality? Moi? Je vais vivre pour toujours!

Me old mate Douglas over at a Lead Odyssey has gone and got himself all philosophical with a post, “Intimations of Mortality & Wargames Executors”. What’s worse is he’s laying the responsibility firmly at my feet … or rather my somewhat-too-quick-by-half-from-time-to-time tongue!

It all started with a passing reference I made in an email. Doug was being pressed into writing for Slingshot (great publication by the way) about wargaming with Sassanians and I noted, “Yeah, and I might even get around to painting my Sassanians … along with the 5.5 kgs of other lead sitting in the pile over there!”

Phil Hendry then noted that the mentioned pile of unpainted soldiers wasn’t so much a mountain but more of a molehill1. Anyway, Doug then got around to noting that, “I am now realistically comparing my painting pace with the amount of lead, and glad I have appointed a wargames executor..     at least 53 major projects, I get through about two a year, and I am 50 next year…”

A wargames executor?

Doug then goes on to point out the sad case of a ship modeller whose ships were thrown out on his decease and how that would disturb him should that happen to his wargames collection. To prevent that, he has appointed a wargames executor in his will. He also challenged us to have a think about it … will we finish it, who will get it when we go ten toes before it’s all finished and so on?

Well, to paraphrase my favourite TV doctor, “I’m dead Jim!” Really, couldn’t give a rat’s rectum. I will have cast my mortal coil and either won’t know what happened with my collection of wee little men or will be so busy worrying about other things that they will be the last thing on my mind.

I know that our better halves will likely hang on to one or two treasured figures (Asterix in Doug’s case, some of my little ships or tanks in mine) and they will then call one or two of our wargaming buddies to dispose of said collection for a handful of shekels or two. As for having 53 major projects in the wargames shed still and getting through about two a year and being nearly 502, well, that has you finishing the projects by 75 so I think you better get out and start buying some more figures!

1.I should note that I am in sales at the moment and therefore have great experience making a mountain out of a molehill – almost as big a mountain as marketing executives could make! 1.I wish I was nearly 50!