Salute 2013

This day last year I was heading to Salute 2012 in London ((actually, I think I was juggling baggage packing and some breakfast but hey, just after that I was heading to Salute)). Salute 2013 is on today and whilst it is a huge roiling rugby scrum of an affair, it is perhaps the premier wargaming event in the UK each year.

A chance to catch up with old buddies, a chance to look at some inspiring new games, a chance to catch up with the various wargames societies (Society of Ancients, Pike and Shot Society and so on) but best of all, a chance to see what is new and interesting from a huge number of manufacturers of the hardware and software of our hobby.

The most difficult thing? Deciding what to spend the hard earned money on and how to minimise the cost of those purchases when describing them to SHMBO ((She Who Must Be Obeyed)) later!