Salute 2013

This day last year I was heading to Salute 2012 in London ((actually, I think I was juggling baggage packing and some breakfast but hey, just after that I was heading to Salute)). Salute 2013 is on today and whilst it is a huge roiling rugby scrum of an affair, it is perhaps the premier wargaming event in the UK each year.

A chance to catch up with old buddies, a chance to look at some inspiring new games, a chance to catch up with the various wargames societies (Society of Ancients, Pike and Shot Society and so on) but best of all, a chance to see what is new and interesting from a huge number of manufacturers of the hardware and software of our hobby.

The most difficult thing? Deciding what to spend the hard earned money on and how to minimise the cost of those purchases when describing them to SHMBO ((She Who Must Be Obeyed)) later!

My Loot from Salute 2012

DSC01405I enjoyed Salute 2012 and if I had an unlimited budget, I would have spent a small fortune happily. I resisted spending a small fortune on Aeronefs and Land Ironclads at the Brigade Models stand, resisted the ships at Tumbling Dice UK, the 1/300th figures at Heroics & Ros, the 10mm at Magister Militum oh I could go on. I thought, however, the sensible thing this trip was to purchase stuff that is difficult to get sent mail order, either because of fragility or weight. That really meant that I was looking at scenic items and books. That’s what I did then.

With the scenic items, I have been slowly building Soviet forces for World War 2 as well as an Hungarian force as opposition. I need buildings for the battlefields so paid a visit to Timecast who make some fine resin buildings. I ended up getting:

  • wooden cottage and barn
  • Stalingrad factory set
  • Lvov town house
  • Kharkov town house and shop
  • Rostov town house
  • Romanian church c. 1772
  • Thatched Crimea buildings

These will go with the other buildings I’ve collected for the Eastern Front battles to come.


The other items I grabbed whilst there were printed materials – books and rules principally. I picked up:

  • First three issues of the Medieval Warfare magazine
  • a number of publications of the Pike and Shot society
  • re-joined the Pike and Shot Society after a number of years non membership
  • picked up some ancient publications from the Society of Ancients stand grabbed the CDs covering the Order of Battle of the Roman Empire for the Civil Wars 68-70 AD as well as the Ancient Strategists CD (Vegetius and Sun Tzu)
  • A copy of the Hammerin’ Iron and AK47 rules from Peter Pig

So, no figures, no time spent on the bring and buy (although I was there late in the day so maybe there was nothing there) and no huge expenditures but hey, it was a great day. There was so much inspirational stuff there in the demonstration and participation games. More on that in a later post.