Thomo Attacked up the Punjab


I logged into Facebook this morning and a Facebook security warning came up. Following the prompts I was told that there was a suspicious account access – namely from the location on the map. Facebook then asked me to confirm whether or not it was me.

Well, it was an access from a mobile somewhere up in the Punjab. I’m in Sydney. Yep, definitely not me.

Of course, the thing that had me most confused (and therefore cautious) was that I travel and I have accessed Facebook from Manila and Singapore in recent weeks. This message did not appear then. Does Facebook keep track of the MAC number of the machine you normally access from and when the MAC Address and location do not match, it then looks at the error? I wonder. I will need to consider this more over coming days as I am still feeling a little uncertain ((and if any of you get a shed-load of emails from me offering quick winnings, anatomical enlargements, other anatomical shrinkages or such, let me know as it will mean I have been truly hacked)).

Of course the remarkable piece of timing with this is that yesterday my partner went to the cinema and watched “The Social Network”, a Hollywood interpretation of the Facebook story. Bizarre!

ID Cards Wrong Sided

Walking into the office this morning with my ID card hanging around my neck I noticed two things.

The first was that the security guard on the door was basing access more on the fact that he recognised my face as belonging in the building. I can say that with certainty because I noticed that the ID card was, in fact, the wrong way around and my picture was pointing at my chest.

This led to the second observation. About 90% of those walking through the door with me had their cards facing the wrong way too.

Seems that all ID cards in the world are printed on the wrong side. I say the printing is on the wrong side because it does not matter how they are hung, from your neck or attached to a pocket, they all turn around and face the wrong way.

Now there is a way to make a bazillion dollars … invent a method of hanging ID cards on people that keeps them pointing the correct way. Suggestions are welcome.

And Whilst Nattering About Airline Security

Is Australia the only country where those who check the X-Ray images on hand luggage cannot tell a laptop with its battery in from the X-Ray image? Is Australia the only place where the laptop has to be removed from the laptop bag for X-Ray?

Airline Security and Plastic Knives

Singapore Airlines give a lovely little note with your meal on flights in and out of Australia. The note says:

On flights to certain destinations, we are obliged to use plastic cutlery onboard, in accordance with directives from the local authorities. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Have a pleasant flight and Bon Appetit!

This is, of course, to justify the plastic knife, fork and spoon provided with the meal. Mind you, when you are flying into and out of airports other than an Australian one the airlines provide metal cutlery (er, yes, and the UK and the US – plastic there as well I’d expect). Some airlines flying in and out of Australia provide metal forks and spoons and a plastic knife – which seems even sillier really.

The problem with all this security is that it really doesn’t make any difference to security. In Sydney, for example, checks on what passengers are carrying are made after emigration and well before boarding the aircraft. Whilst the cafes and such inside the airport provide plastic knives for eating as well there are so many other things that can be used in the airport (including used by the shopkeepers) as weapons.

I do have to wonder how much more dangerous a metal bread and butter knife is compared to a hard plastic serrated edge knife? I really think the plastic knife is just for show.

Korea Changes

I’ve been travelling to Korea for many years now. I’ve stayed at hotels in a number of places in the country and I have travelled through the airport many times. Now I am peeved. I arrived at the hotel at 12:50 to be greeted by a smiling imbecile behind the counter who with a broad smile happily announced that check-in was from 2:00. Just what you need to hear after a few hours travelling. Guys, apologise to the guest and say “I am sorry sir, the rooms are still being made up – they will be ready at 14:00”, not “Check-in is at 2!”

Then there was the nice lady who telephoned me today at 11:30 to say “you know checkout time is 12:00?”

Guys – as you rush to be a dominant power in Asia and to improve your globalisation position, remember, English has a whole pile of niceties built into it to stop crotchety old men like me getting grumpy. Use them!

And the final peeve? Incheon airport. Nice and efficient with the security check (my laptop bag gets sniffed each time I pass through there). Trouble is, every time I pass through there, I have to take my shoes off so that they can be x-rayed!

What is wrong with that I hear you ask? Well, the first thing is that the shoe x-ray is sort of random. The second is that that sterilised sandals that are provided are all Asian sized. So, either I walk in socks in a country that has almost religious zealousness about only shoes touching the ground or I walk in small sandals, look like an idiot and run the risk of falling over because my feet will not fit the damn things.

Guys – there are many big footed persons in the world – try and cater for us too.