Thomo Attacked up the Punjab


I logged into Facebook this morning and a Facebook security warning came up. Following the prompts I was told that there was a suspicious account access – namely from the location on the map. Facebook then asked me to confirm whether or not it was me.

Well, it was an access from a mobile somewhere up in the Punjab. I’m in Sydney. Yep, definitely not me.

Of course, the thing that had me most confused (and therefore cautious) was that I travel and I have accessed Facebook from Manila and Singapore in recent weeks. This message did not appear then. Does Facebook keep track of the MAC number of the machine you normally access from and when the MAC Address and location do not match, it then looks at the error? I wonder. I will need to consider this more over coming days as I am still feeling a little uncertain ((and if any of you get a shed-load of emails from me offering quick winnings, anatomical enlargements, other anatomical shrinkages or such, let me know as it will mean I have been truly hacked)).

Of course the remarkable piece of timing with this is that yesterday my partner went to the cinema and watched “The Social Network”, a Hollywood interpretation of the Facebook story. Bizarre!

Socially Networked

thomo_tiger It’s grown and settled at the same time. I started tweeting, FBing and buzzing but at the same time I will be closing my Live Journal and Orkut accounts. Updating regularly on Twitter now, feeding that to Facebook and Buzz, doing it all from PC, laptop, mobile phone and the odd carrier pigeon goodness knows what the blog bunnies will make of it all.

So, where can you find the always garrulous, sometimes irreverent, sometimes confused and variable Thomo the Lost? Follow the links below:



Buzz <—no idea what the shortcut is to Buzz.

UNYK – It Ain’t No Plaxo

I had a request from a friend to update my personal data, email address etc in UNYK so that we could maintain contact. You know the sort of thing – you change your email address or phone number and all your contacts are updated automatically. I went into UNYK, read the terms of service and the privacy policy and thought, “OK, seems OK to me”.

I created a profile then went to add my home address. UNYK has some slick software running so when you select your country of residence, it lists the states of it (in my case, Australia so it listed the 6 states and 2 territories of Oz). So far so good. Now, because the state selected was NSW, it then showed a list of all the towns and suburbs in NSW. I looked for mine. It was missing. I had to put my Post Code in but looked and low and behold, my suburb was not there.

As I was checking, I noticed that also missing were the Sydney suburbs of Lewisham and Summer Hill. Of course, as the application is trying to be elegant, there is no way to manually type the suburb, only select from the pull-down lists.

You blew it guys!

Back to Plaxo where I can type my address exactly as it appears on the envelope the bill for my Internet connection comes in.

Facebook II

I mentioned Facebook before here and the fun I was having learning how it all hung together. I must admit I was surprised when I started using it at the number of acquaintances and friends I ran across in there. Some where techno-cripples, others were gregarious and still others quiet folks. In the space of a week or so, I have run across 36 friends and it has been great to reconnect with them. Some I thought I would never talk to again.

I must admit, I am kind of sold on Facebook. It may not be as elegant as Orkut is but it certainly is easy to use and to find folks. I worry a little about the privacy issue but I think the risk is low, especially if you are careful and pick your words carefully as well as decide what information to make available.

Well, I for one will spend some more time in there tonight, then back to painting some figures before bed.

Now, where is that wall-to-wall button again?


I’d joined a couple of weeks ago to look at something on a contacts page. Really didn’t play around with it much other than to fiddle a little with my mobile phone as 3, my service provider, provides a Facebook link on the phones main page. Another friend of mine sent a note today saying he was playing with Facebook as well so I had a look at his entry. Sigh – I then lost my full lunch hour today updating my profile, listing my likes and dislikes and chatting with some friends I bumped into in there.

I have to admit, it is a slick operation and piece of software. Surprisingly for these times, it is also fairly intuitive to use. I can see a few more lunch hours disappearing over the coming year.