Recent Book Arrivals

I had a couple of packages arrive recently with the odd book to read. OK. so there was a lot. Some interesting titles in there however and I wuill get around to reviewing when I get a chance (which means when I actually finish reading a few. The temptation is to read them concurrently rather than serially. I shall try and resist that temptation.

The first batch will be pretty quick reading:

The second batch will tale a wee bit longer I will admit:

Mind you, I started on the second batch, in particular Steve Dunn’s. Southern Thunder, The Royal Navy and the Scandinavian Trade in World War One, which frankly I new absolutely nothing about. I can see some great scenarios for a wargame or three there as well as the need to acquire some more ships. Navwar order coming up.


Paint or Sell — Seleucid Successors

Hmm, these are Essex Miniatures and I am quite attracted to these. I’m leaning towards the paint side of paint or sell, although I expect that they will remain in the lead pile for quite some time. The Successors are at least in that Classical Period I like and are at least not Roman (although I will get to the Romans later).

The army is also about 400AP in DBMM terms and consists of:

Essex Miniatures
No Code Description Infantry Cavalry Elephants
3 MPA1 Macedonian, Greek Command 9
1 MPA3 Thracian Peltast rhomphaia 8
1 MPA4 Thrancian Peltast Javelin 8
2 MPA21 Cretan Archers 16
6 MPA83 Seleucid Phalangites 48
4 MPA84 Seleucid Agyraspids 32
1 MPA86 Companion Cavalry 4
1 MPA86A Companion Extra Heavy Cavalry 4
1 MEPA90 Elephant mahout pike archer javelin howdah 1
1 MEPA91 Elephant mahout 3 archers howdah 1
3 MPA92 Arab Archers 24
1 MPA94 Arab camel archers 4
2 MPA95 Thorakitai 16
3 MPA97 Heavy cavalry lance 12
3 MPA97A Extra heavy cavalry lance 12
2 MPA98 Tarantine cavalry 8
Total 152 53 2
Essex Miniatures Seleucid Successors 15mm from Essex
Essex Miniatures Seleucid Successors 15mm from Essex