Microsoft … why do you think I am Chinese

Whenever my Office 365 subscription is due for renewal, I get the following:

Ian 您好:
感謝您訂閱 Office 365 Home。 歡迎您加入。我們即將針對您的訂閱收取下一期的定期款項。 在 2019年11月12日,我們會向您的 MasterCard **XXXX 收取 ₱4,699.00 的費用。

除非您在 2019年11月12日 的至少兩天前取消訂閱,否則您的訂閱將持續 1 年。

若要取消或進行其他變更,請登入您的 Microsoft 帳戶以管理您的訂閱。

And yes, Microsoft “Contact Us” was as useless as various cow appendages to bulls. Seriously Microsoft – your AI is hopeless and you promised me a human volunteer to help – which I was never connected on.

I guess I will just have to take Chinese lessons … was that Cantonese or Mandarin?

Apple’s Poor Customer Service

So, I went to purchase an iTunes Gift Card and send it to number one son for his birthday. I am in Singapore and he is in Canberra so dropping one round was not really an option. I know, I’ll purchase and email. I went through all the steps (and I should add that I have a valid Apple account), clicked the last step and the following window popped up!

image Thank you very much Apple – what a big fail! Still, I can ensure next time it won’t happen because there won’t be a next time! I guess the loss of one customer won’t hurt you but I don’t care, it makes me feel good to know I won’t purchased from iTunes store again.