Sydney Airport Shop Pricing

I wanted to buy a lock for my baggage and I also wanted to buy some vegemite for my friends. What a hoot.

The Lock I purchased from the bookshop/newsagent before you go through to immigration. It cost me $21.95. So, wasn’t I happy when I went to the Chemist and saw the exact same lock there for $18.75. Exactly the same. Identical. Sigh.

Still, I noted that at the newsagent they were selling 115 gram jars of Vegemite for $3.50. I thought “I’ll wait until I get into the duty free area”, so I did.

I went into the Souvenir World Shop and there was the 115 gram jars of Vegemite for sale at $3.95 each. Argh! Does Duty Free mean GST Free? Why is it dearer in the Duty Free area than in the regular area out the front?

Still, the Newsagent/Bookshop in the Duty Free area was selling the same locks as I had already bought for $21.95, same price as outside.

Does Duty Free only apply to booze, fags and digital cameras?

I guess next time better I do all my shopping at Woolworth’s or Coles and not worry about the airpoirt.

So, tourists to Australia, best to buy your goods before the airport and leave the airport only for the purchase of booze and cigarettes.

And Whilst Nattering About Airline Security

Is Australia the only country where those who check the X-Ray images on hand luggage cannot tell a laptop with its battery in from the X-Ray image? Is Australia the only place where the laptop has to be removed from the laptop bag for X-Ray?

Thomo Returns

Sydney Opera House at night from the phone
The Opera House at night

He’s back. I arrived back into Mongolia a couple of nights ago and have been settling back in. I must admit, it is nice to travel back to Australia from time to time, catch up with old friends and acquaintances, take a beer by the harbour (see the picture of the coathanger and the Opera House – the Opera House was where we had the beer).

Dad was not too well when I got back so all my well laid plans were interrupted slightly. A couple of more late nights here and the weekend and I will have caught up on that though and most importantly, Dad is on the mend. This is good, of course, as it augurs well for my future and y’all may have to put up with me waxing lyrical for another 30 years or so – Dad is an 80 year old (almost) who emails me most weeks – I guess my target is 80 and using the then equivalent of MSN and SMS.

The Coathanger at night from the phone
The Coathanger - the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Opera House

As I type this I am just watching the sun set over the west of Ulaanbaatar. Such a pretty red. Mind you, it reminds me of how fast the seasons change here as the sun has dipped behind the mountain at 17:43 and at 07:00 this morning the sun had not risen – a long dark winter coming I guess. More notes from Mongolia will follow. I just thought I should let you all know that I am back and that you can therefore sleep easily again.

Oh, and hello to all the folks reading this in Macksville, NSW, Australia, where Mum and Dad live. Not a big town but I believe my blog has a number of avid readers there.