A Test Hill

2013-08-11 22.09.56
The test hill – 3mm plastic sheet with terrain paper glued to the top. Next time I will build and glue step by step

I had been mucking around to make some 6mm terrain for the 6mm DBA project. As such, I wanted some short (i.e., not too tall) hills. The object was to build 6mm terrain that I could carry in a small box. For 15mm, I’ll make some bigger hills.

I had cut a few test hills in 3mm thick plastic sheet and they seemed ok but looked kind of, ordinary, just painted in a green. I thought I would try to affix some flocked grass and as I had some sheets laying around, it was out with the Elmer’s spray on glue and let’s see what we can do.

The hill above is the result.It is a test and I learned a lot about spray glue and terrain sheets from this test. The next will go better I am sure.

A Diversion – 2mm Middle Eastern Villages

Irregular Miniatures and Brigade Models 2mm buildings and village
Irregular Miniatures and Brigade Models 2mm buildings and village

I thought the for a change last night I would not add paint to the 1/6000 ships mentioned in On the workbench – painting in progress as I did not have much painting time available and really, I wanted to give my eyes a bit of a rest. What could be better than to prepare some 2mm buildings for the Aeronef Peshawar project? For the curious, 2mm is approximately 1/900 scale which is about right working with the nominal 1/1200th scale of the Aeronefs and looks about right with the Land Ironclads stuff produced by Brigade Models.

I had purchased a load of Brigade’s 2mm scale Middle Eastern buildings as well as some Irregular Miniatures Middle Eastern villages. I had been debating about how to handle these. The Brigade stuff was absolutely going to have to be stuck to something as they were individual buildings (see 2mm terrain for how they looked fresh from the post office).

I finally decided to try them glued to 20-thou Plasticard. I worked on 30mm, 40mm and 80mm sized bases. By basing this way I can set multiple separated bombing targets for the Aeronefs and Aerostats as small villages or larger towns. The ruled grid in the picture is a 1cm square grid.

Cute aren’t they?

Back to the ships tonight – I want to finish painting them tonight and then spend time tomorrow labelling the bases, ready to post on Monday. Then I’ll out some paint on these and see how they look painted up.