Odd Sydney Traffic Signs

23072009079 Well, not so much odd but rather in this case, just plain wrong. Here is the corner of Market and York Streets in the City. Market Street is one-way traffic from Elizabeth Street to York Street, only becoming two way from York Street down to Sussex Street.

So, what is unusual I hear you say. What you can see here is the one-way part of the street and all traffic would be coming towards the camera. Of course, the traffic sign suggest something different. It says that all traffic must turn right except for buses and construction vehicles, suggesting that they can therefore travel the wrong way down the one-way section of Market Street. traffic_sign_01


Drive for the Gap

“It might not be where you want to be now, but it will be eventually, so aim for the gap”. These sage words about gaps in traffic were given to me by a friend in Indonesia many years ago.

Then, when in India, another friend noted that when an Indian buys a car, the first thing he does is check to make sure the horn is working – no horn, no buy car.

I think it was in Korea that we discovered that lateral vision was a positive impediment to good driving as really, what happened 15 degrees of straight ahead was all that mattered.

And then in the Lebanon, the taxi drivers there taught me that there are three colours of traffic lights – green, light green and dark green.

Mongolian driving is the culmination of all these traits. A combination of artful horn blowing, even if only as an after thought, coupled with a desire to fill any gap (causing more artful horn work) whilst ignoring anything behind and refusing to pay anything other than a brief passing regard to the traffic lights. The last place for artful horn blowing is at the traffic lights. If cars are not moving forward within 15 nano-seconds of the lights changing to green, the horns are off.

Having said that, the majority of bingles I have seen around UB (and been involved in, I have been here slightly over two months after all) have been pretty minor.

Great people though 🙂