Warmaster Figures and Other Stuff For Sale on eBay

I decided to clear out my Warhamster stuff and have been listing items on eBay along with the Kallistra 12mm fantasy and the Courier magazine. These items are up until Monday next (Oz time, Sunday night US time, goodness knows when Hawaii time).

There are also some Warrior 15mm ACW figures and some CinC 1/285 Japanese tanks.

Look for seller thomo_the_lost on eBay

Or look here for a list Thomo’s eBay listings

Auctions end early next week


Evil Doug Strikes Again

There I was, dealing with the 100 or so wargame projects that I have on the go at the moment when the gentle <ding> sound is heard and I think “I have mail”. The following email exchange occurs:

Doug to me 
31 May (3 days ago)
Me to Doug
31 May (3 days ago)

I purchased some of their Parthians and they are OK. 

Doug to me
31 May (3 days ago)

the Biblicals look much better than the Parthians...
Me to Doug
31 May (3 days ago)

Yeah, I am thinking 15mm DBA or 60mm DBA might be nice for them 🙂

Doug to me
31 May (3 days ago)

60mm... get lots on, that’s where 6,, look good. All polemos 60 x 30 bases...

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So now I am thinking about getting some Rapier Miniatures 6mm Biblicals for use with the DBA rules but based on Polemos 60mmx30mm bases. THe only problem with this is that now I am thinking about my current DBA/Warmaster/Polemos 6mm Ancient projects and considering whether or not to take them all to 60mm bases as well.

Thank you Douglas!

A Wargamer’s Indecision

DSC00378A Wargamer’s Indecision Dilemma.

I have a bunch of 6mm figures painted and ready for basing. That’s them on the left there with the bases I was going to use. They look neat laid out ready for basing. I was intending to base them on 60x30mm bases for Polemos. On the left would be a Numidian army and on the right, an Imperial Roman army. There are enough figures for the standard 20 bases per side Polemos army. 7 bases of legionaries, 5 of auxiliaries, 2 of auxiliary archers, 1 of artillery and 5 of cavalry. The Numidians are 10 of Light Horse and 10 of Light Infantry.

The indecision dilemma?

Once I glue them to the base and scenic it, I will be disinclined to un-base them and rebase them for a different set of rules. Once I base these for Polemos, I will have to use them for Polemos. I could probably use them for DBA as well, using the 25mm ground scale (they will be on a 60mm frontage after all) but that’s about it.

Next option?

Base them for Warmaster. Use the standard Warmaster 40x20mm bases. That would change the mix to 14 elements of legionaries which would equate to 4 units (each Warmaster unit is three bases after all. Third option is base them for DBA – base them on 15mm scale bases and use four 6mm figures for each 15mm figure. That has the benefit of fitting with the other 6mm ancients I have and would allow me to have two Imperial Roman DBA Armies.

Basing them as DBA elements – I can use them for Polemos anyway as Polemos uses a Base Width x Base Depth measurement method and so I can assume that all bases are 20mm deep for that.

My next issue then is the Numidians. I already have a (very nice) 6mm Numidian DBA army. Should I just expand that by making another? On my 4:1 scaling that would give me 20 elements of Psiloi and 10 elements of Light Horse.

But then again – they will just look so neat as Polemos bases. I think I’ll base some 15mm ACW figures instead – I know what I am doing with them.

Sigh, and as there are three options, I guess it is not a dilemma either.

Sassanians Have Arrived

Instead of Cato and Macro causing me more grief, this time it is Pete Berry at Baccus. You may recall when I said “curse you Harry Sidebottom” recently because reading Sidebottom had sparked my imagination to stretch further in the Ancient world than just some Imperial Romans and a handful of Parthians. Sidebottom was responsible for me sending an order to Baccus for 1000 points of Sassanians for a Warmaster Army.

They arrived on my desk at lunchtime today.

I suppose the good thing is that looking at the figures whilst eating the sub stopped me reading more of Cato and Macro’s adventures. That then stopped me thinking about adding a Slave Revolt army to the increasing “must have” list ((and yes, this means I am reading The Gladiator by Simon Scarrow)).

So what’s my problem?

The Sassanians are just gorgeous. I think Baccus’ Ancient figures look much better than their Horse and Musket figures – at least the recent resculpts and new sculpts. I think I hate Mr Berry because having looked at these Sassanians, I am counting the minutes until quitting time today so I can rush home, cook dinner, then settle down to preparing these for painting as soon as possible. These figures really are screaming to me, “paint me, paint me”.

Then, once I have prepared some of these Sassanians for painting, it will be on to the Internet and opening Mr Berry’s catalogue and start planning the next purchases. My Ancient fires have been relit.

Curse you Macro and Cato! Curse you Harry Sidebottom. And now, curse you Mr Berry!

Curse You Harry Sidebottom

It was bad enough with Cato and Macro causing me more grief but now Harry Sidebottom has added to it. I had resigned myself to doing some Warmaster Ancients armies in 6mm for Imperial Rome, Ancient Briton, Judean Revolt and Parthian. Indeed, the Parthians are already on order from Rapier Miniatures and hopefully on their way to my office.

All was well, I thought, in the Ancient World. Not too big a project to sit on top of my Prussian II Corps at Leipzig, the Peshawar Campaign, the Duchy of Warsaw and the Rheinbund troops of the Napoleonic Wars along with World War 2 Italians and Russians. Yes, all very wargamer-like.

Wargamer-like? Of course. July last year I was considering German Aeronefs and Aerostats for the Peshawar Campaign and really not considering anything else. By October I was branching out and considering Cold War and Future War Commander from Specialist Military Publishing, eventually purchasing and finishing the Cold War Commander Danes and the Future War Commander PacFed in early 2010. I had also been painting some ships. Now the project count includes the mentioned Ancients.

It was early in 2010 when I had to travel to Singapore and one of the books I bought at the airport to keep me amused in between bouts of sleeping on the flight was Warrior of Rome, Part 1 – Fire in the East by Harry Sidebottom. Last week it found its way to the top of my reading pile. Great read. I am about one third the way through the first volume and already my mind is starting to add to the list of Ancients above. Now I think I need to add Sassanians to the mix.

Curse you Harry Sidebottom!

Warmaster Ancients – 6mm Basing

I mentioned in 6mm Ancients Step One that I had ordered the Rapier Miniatures Warmaster Parthian Army pack. I have been debating with myself whether to base these on 40×20 or 60×30 bases and decided finally to use the 40×20 basing as these can still be used with rules other than Warmaster.

This morning as I was in a contemplative period I started to think more about the Ancients (and not just deciding to get a move on with Harry Sidebottom’s book so that I could get into the last instalment of Macro and Cato). I was trying to decide the basing of the Parthian cataphracts that are on the way here. They are rated in Warmaster as shock troops so the options are to base them on a 20×40 base or a 40×20 base.

I decided then that I was going to do this all for Warmaster and not worry about other rule systems. To that end I also decided that I would then use the shock troop basing recommended in Warmaster so they will go onto 20x40mm bases.

There! Done! Decided!

Now wanting to get back to Sydney in a hurry to see if the figures have turned up yet.

40 x 20 Bases

Bug’rit – it’ll be 40 x 20 bases. Much as I like the 60 x 30 Polemos bases for Napoleonics (and I am sure I will like the same sizes for ECW, GNW, WSS and any other good three character acronyms I can think of) I think I will stick to the 40 x 20 bases for Ancients. Just seems to work better from my point of view.

So there, done, decided, dusted!

Now, where’d I put the credit card so I can start buying figures?

Cato and Macro Cause Me More Grief

Bloody Macro and Cato have done it again. I have been having urges to paint some Early Imperial Romans and Ancient Britons after the early books in Scarrow’s series. Then the buggers took on the pirates off the Illyrian coast and I started looking for my triremes. Then the dynamic duo hit the desert in Judea and I was starting to think about Parthians as well. After starting Centurion I want to add Palmyrans to that list.

Scale is not a problem, I will do these sometime this year in 6mm using either Baccus, Heroics and Ros or Rapier Miniatures. My problem is deciding on the rule system to use and therefore the basing. My initial thoughts were to base the figures up for Warmaster Ancients which means 40mm x 20mm bases. It also means that the bases will work well for DBA and Big Battle DBA as well.

However, the guys down in Canberra are basing at 60mm x 30mm and using the figures to play Principles of War Ancients (PoWA). I believe also that Baccus has plans to release a version of Polemos for Ancients at some time in the future and these will likely use the same 60 x 30 basing.

I’m torn between 40 x 20 and 60 x 30. Less figures are needed for 40 x 20 and they look good but 60 x 30 will fit more likely opponents. I guess it’ll be 60 x 30 then – although I have a few weeks or so before I need to make a final decision and order some figures.

40×20 … 60×30 … bloody Macro and Cato!