One-in-10 video gamers could be addicts – Technology –

In what I could best describe as a “well dur!” moment, apparently US research has discovered that One-in-10 video gamers could be addicts – Technology – When I read this article I thought (well, apart from “well dur”), that the researchers had missed the obvious comparison – namely – how many kids “lie, borrow money from their friends or dodge work” to play or watch any other game as well.

I must admit, if I cast my mind back to my childhood, given the option of wiping up the dishes or dodging that to play football outside with my friends, well, it was a no brainer!

So, better perhaps than finding that “one in 10 video gamers could be addicts”, better to find that “one in 10 kids will find some way or other to avoid doing some work that they do not want to do!” Of course, the other 9 kids are just a little slower in thinking up the excuses.