Cancon 2013

It’s getting near that time. The Canberra Games Society Inc is presenting Cancon 2013 which comes up in 11 weeks time. First Christmas, then Cancon. This year many of the Cancon events, like the DBA event, will be part of the Worlds. Good chance to come to Oz, enjoy the warmth of a Canberra summer (not to mention the sweet sounds of the crickets chirruping and the bogans flapping ((the moths, not the rev-heads)). It is also the centenary year for Canberra so another good reason to visit the Australian national capital.

As it is the World’s for DBA, then it is a great time for players from around Asia to trek off to Canberra and compete and maybe be crowned World Champion. I guess I am competing as team Singapore (now where did I put my white t-shirt and red shorts)?

Details can be found at

Now I just need to work out two DBA Armies – one from books 1 or 2, the other from books 3 or 4 and then paint and base them ready for the competition.