Singapore Airlines–you got to be kidding!

imageI went to book a flight on SQ from Brisbane to Jakarta and then on to Singapore. Singapore airlines quoted over $4000 Aussie dollars for that in economy class. Now I know that the airlines all have restrictive trade agreements with travel agents in Australia but really, $4,000? Malaysia Airlines at $700 will definitely get this one!

imageJust to make sure I was not being unfair to Singapore Airlines, I did a flight booking for Brisbane to Singapore only. That was $590. So do I conclude that the cost of travelling an additional 1 hour 40 minutes and return is $3,410?

One more check to be really really fair.


So, it seems that for $690 I can travel to Jakarta from Brisbane on Singapore Air. The return flight Jakarta to Singapore is the one costing $3,300. Er, just for interest, I checked the first class flight, Jakarta to Singapore. That was one US $846 so I have no idea where the other $3,000 comes from!

Singapore Air, you may be a great way to fly but your booking system has a wee issue or two