The Great Wargaming Survey – 2019 Edition

It’s on again. The Wargames Soldier & Strategy Great Wargaming Survey – 2019 Edition.

This is a survey that has become an annual event now and one where the number of respondents have been increasing each year. It focuses exclusively on tabletop miniature wargaming.

The survey only takes about five to ten minutes to complete and the results will, when published, I am sure provide grist for the podcast and discussion group mills for many months into the future.

Last years survey was discussed between Jasper of WSS and the Greg and Miles from the Little Wars Club (which is a great YouTube channel by the way, well recommended).

There is also a section on the Wargames Soldier & Strategy blog discussing past surveys and results.

Wargame Soldier and Strategy will publish the result of the survey when it completes and as a sweetener for participation, they are offering both prizes and every participant may claim a voucher which can be redeemed in the Karwansaray Publishers webshop for a €6.50 discount or be used to ‘purchase’ one of the sprues made available by Rubicon Models, Wargames Atlantic, and Sarissa Precision! Instructions on claiming that are on the final page of the survey.

The survey is running from now until 31 August 2019. I do recommend you spend the 10 minutes it takes to complete the survey at and add your voice to that of the wargame community at large.

Rank and File – Hacking for the Great Northern War and War of Spanish Succession

Victory after the Battle of Narva
Victory after the Battle of Narva

Well, that’s a long title!

Truth is, after one game of Rank and File, I felt really comfortable with them as a rules system for the Seven Years War (7YW). After a week of pondering them, I find I am feeling really comfortable with them as a rules system for the American Civil War. I can also see me using them for the Great Pacific War (if I can ever find those bloody figures). I’m not sure about them for the Napoleonic Wars yet.

However, if did odcurr to me that if they work well enough for the Seven Years War, they should work well enough for the earlier ways – namely the War of Spanish Succession (WSS – Marlburian Wars to the English) and the Great Northern War (GNW – Stora nordiska kriget to the Swedes; Северная война to the Russians). During this period there were a couple of innovations in Europe and a little anachronism in Northern Europe.

Duke of Marlborough signing Despatch from Blenheim, Bavaria in 1704
Duke of Marlborough signing Despatch from Blenheim, Bavaria in 1704

Artillery was more effective as I understand later in the 18th century but apart from the pikes and the possibility of the odd plug bayonet what really separated the warfare of 1700 to 1721 from that of 1740 onwards?

Now I am researching some more and looking at modifying Rank and File to suit one of my sorely underplayed and modelled favourite periods of history.

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy – Issue 68

2013-08-23 10.57.53Last night I downloaded the latest issue of what is at the moment my favourite Wargames Magazine. It was 12:30 am but I had to spend some time having a good look through it.

As with issue 67 before, I found myself falling into the usual reading pattern for this magazine – start with a quick look at Richard Clarke’s column “Up Front”, followed by Rick Priestley’s “This Gaming Life” and then back to the editorial. The other articles will provide some much needed quality reading over the next few days.

The theme for this issue is the The Battle of the Nations – Leipzig, 1813. There are 5 articles based around that battle and as I keep umming and ahing about moving into Napoleonics, this should cause me more consternation – doubly so as Anthony has been receiving some Napoleonic reinforcements.

Other articles include an interview with Phil Smith of Osprey Publishing; a piece on the 6th SS Panzer Army (think Tigers); Leach and Hogan at Festubert (Word War 1); Scipio vs Caesar (Ancients); Weathering tanks and other vehicles; modelling the 8th Army in plastic; doing really very nice bases; and some game reports (think Western, then VSF).

Also we have Mike Evans writing a column; Sam Mustafa on complexity in gaming; plus the usual figure, game and book reviews.

It was 1:00am and time for sleep but as it is approaching beer o’clock here in Singapore, I’ll be the soul sat at the bar with a pint in one hand and WS&S on the iPad in the other.

Available from Karwansaray Publishers in hard copy and digital and thoroughly recommended.

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy – Issue 67

2013-07-01 13.52.20

OK – I got a good look at lunch today and some reading in on Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, issue 67, from Karwansaray Publishers.

As I mentioned Wargames Soldiers and Strategy this magazine is probably my favourite at the moment, leastwise until Miniature Wargames with Battlegames settles in to its new format.

I like the mix of articles which, whilst there may be a theme running through the magazine, also includes enough general wargames content to excite and inspire.

With issue 67 I found myself falling into the usual reading pattern for this magazine – start with Richard Clarke’s column “Up Front”, followed by Rick Priestley’s “This Gaming Life” and then back to the editorial. The articles will provide the lunch reading for the rest of the week.

The theme for this issue is the Land of the Rising Sun – think samurai – wargaming with them, painting them, reviewing the miniatures, sort of a Samurai starter.

Other articles are based on Braddock Down (English Civil War), some Victorian Science Fiction and fantasy, painting 10mm figures, Mayan gaming based around the movie Apocalypto, Chain of Command – TooFatLardies WW2 rules as well as regular reviews of books, figures, rules and boardgames. 

Lunch was over too soon today!

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy

2013-06-27 09.59.55Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy (WS&S) is probably my favourite magazine at the moment, at least until Miniature Wargames with Battlegames settles into its new format. I also love that this magazine, like Miniature Wargames with Battlegames is available with a digital download. I did mention before that I was falling behind with my reading and this is the proof. I have just about finished reading through WS&S issue 66 when tonight I noticed the issue 67 was released 5 days ago. Argh, time I took the full hour for lunch I think.

This issue was released about the same time as the anniversary of Gettysburg so there is an American Civil War theme running through it. Apart from a couple of articles on Gettysburg and the American Civil War, there are pieces on Perire 1208 BCE, El Mounghar, Vikings as well as skirmish wargaming, some Victorian Science Fiction, reviews and stuff.

My three favourite pieces in this issue were the piece by Richard Clarke (one of the two fat Lardies), dispelling the myth that wargaming wise things were better in the 1970s and Rick Priestley’s column, This Gaming Life which has made me feel a whole lot better about my painting. Best of all was the piece called Hail, Agrippa – using 1/2400th scale galleys with the Hail Caesar Rules.

I like this magazine, available from Karwansaray Publishers, the same folks that product Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare.

Back to the reading and on to issue 67 tomorrow or Tuesday I hope.