Interesting semi-Military Modern Army Training Video

One of my favourite YouTube channels at the moment is the Jolly channel. The main two characters of this are Josh and Ollie (hence Jolly). Josh is quite well known in Korea as the Korean Englishmen as he is fluent in Korean. Occassional guests on his channels are Reverend Chris and Major Charles – one a minister of the church (Church of England I believe) and the other a major in the British Army (Commandos). These two are identical twins. On the Korean Englishmen channel a series has been made where Rev. Chris and Maj. Charles are taken to various places in Korea. One such location was a Korean Army base.

This is one of best episodes I have seen but all are well worth the 10 to 15 minutes each one takes. Enjoy watching “British Twins go Training with the Korean Army Commandos…!!??” on YouTube

A Parcel from Baccus – 6mm Napoleonics – Dutch-Belgian and Brunswick

I received some Napoleonic reinforcements recently and I now how wargamers like to live vicasiously, looking at others toys so here I the unpacking of the Baccus 6mm reinforcements – Dutch Belgians along with a few Brunswickers. Just what I needed, more figures in the lead pile. At this rate I will live forever.

Another favourite YouTube channel – Drachinifel – warships!

I mentioned the Little Wars TV Channel a while ago as a favoured YouTube channel and the Little Wars guys are preparing another season. I suspect there is a frustrated TV channel executive in the group.

Another channel that I particularly enjoy at the moment is Drachinifel’s. As many of you know, I have a great interest in matters nautical, both historical and wargaming. I have a collection of 1/3000 scale ships for wargaming with, 1/1200 coastal forces and ancient galleys tucked away somewhere.

As mentioned above, Drachinifel’s channel is one of interest to me at the moment. In a series of 7 to 10 minute pieces (sometimes longer) he looks at a particular ship of interest and builds a programme around it – with contemporary photographs where available, sometimes with reference to a model and with archival film where available. He also runs a Patreon account to garner support for his efforts.

The link to his channel is below – well worth having a look if your bent is a nautical bent (and even if it is not).



Baywatch Armatree 2010

Armatree is out near Dubbo in Central New South Wales, Australia – several hundred kilometres from the sea. For years the area was drought affected then it rained … and rained and rained and recently was flooded. What the farmers there didn’t lose to the drought they lost to the flood. What could not be taken was their sense of humour.

In an effort to provide some cheer to the local community, three of the farmers got together to film a spoof on Baywatch. This is on You Tube.

The three farmers, Hugh, Chris and J.B, filmed the Baywatch spoof as a local Christmas fundraiser. In the true tradition of the Aussie bush they donned the sexy khaki made famous by Steve Irwin and made this short film.

The Digital Story of the Nativity

Every so often I come across a You Tube piece that takes my fancy. There have been two recently. One is this one, the Digital Story of the Nativity. Just brilliantly executed. The other is a Baywatch parody that I’ll post later.

In the interim, sit back and enjoy the Digital Story of the Nativity.