Shako: Napoleonic Wargaming the Danes

Posted by: ThomoTheLost on Jul 25, 2003 – 08:41 PM

Note that this article will be expanded in the future to include a description of Denmark in the Napoleonic Wars.

Danish Army March 1808

First Division – commanded by Princ Frederick von Hessen

Cavalry Brigade – commanded by Princ Kristian of Hessen

Lifgardt Light Horse

Danish Horse Artilery Battery

First Brigade – commanded by Generalmajor Baudissin

Lifgarde Regiment
Kronprinz Regiment
Holstein Regiment

Second Brigade – commanded by Princ Kristian Fredericks

Norwegian Lifregement
Prins Kristian Fredericks Regiment

Third Brigade – commanded by Generalmajor Falbe

Danish Lifregement
Marine Regiment

The second Division and Garrison forces will be added later.

One thought on “Shako: Napoleonic Wargaming the Danes

  1. Jim Brown 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Cool site.I have an interest in painting a danish unit for my Napoleonic armies


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