Dad’s Army

After deciding on doing 28mm Pirates as one Hordes of the Things Army for Berkeley in 2002, I needed a second army to make a pair. I did, of course, consider doing some Spanish, or some English Naval Forces as an opponent to the Pirates. I looked at the remarkable Pax Limpopo figures searching for opposition. I flicked through books and magazines at home searching for some inspiration and then, all of a sudden, I was watching TV and an old episode of Dad’s Army was playing. There was my inspiration. After chatting the idea over with the guys at the Tring Wargames Club over a beer one Friday Night at the Grand Junction Arms in Bulbourne (after club meeting), the Dad’s Army Hordes of the Things Army was born.

I then decided that I would chronicle this army from idea to execution, as well as closely follow its progress at Berkeley next year, just for the heck of. So, the chronicles begin below:

18 September 2001 – Watched an episode of Dad’s Army. It was the episode where Mainwaring gets annoyed with the whingeing from the ranks (principally Fraser’s) and so swaps roles with Fraser. Fraser, being a Scotsman, is met by the Colonel who asks him if he can play the pipes. Fraser replies that he can so the Colonel organises for Fraser and the men of the platoon to pipe in the Haggis at a forthcoming event. Mainwaring eventually takes over the platoon again and they go to the celebration. Fraser thinks he finally has Mainwaring when Mainwaring first discovers that he has to pipe the haggis in but the intrepid Mainwaring points out that he has no problem in piping the haggis in as he and Mrs Mainwaring spent two weeks of their honeymoon in the highlands and as there was little else to do, the Captain learnt the pipes.

Dad’s Army for Hordes of the Things it is to be then.

21 September 2001 – Beer at the Grand Junction Arms with the guys from the Tring Club after the meeting. We discussed the Dad’s Army as a Hordes of the Things army. Discussion was positive as Foundry happen to make some Home Guard figures. The o­nly other thing necessary for my intepretation of this army is the need for Jones’ Meat Van as the platoon transport.

28 September 2001 – Spent some time o­n the ‘net looking at figures o­n the Foundry Site (see the Web Links section of Thomo’s Hole for a link to Foundry). There are a number of packs that are suitable. I’ll need to work out an army list to determine what figures I need (otherwise I’ll end up overbuying again and at the price of 28mm figures, this is not something I want to do).

29 September 2001 – Worked out a list. It is:

No. Description Total Comments
1 Hero General @ 4AP 4 Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson and Mrs Pike. Mainwaring a hero I hear you ask? Well, he was in his own mind at least and the long-suffering Sergeant Wilson seems the perfect assistant to the hero Mainwaring.
1 Hero @ 4AP 4 Corporal (permission to speak, permission to speak, they don’t like the cold steel up ’em, sir!) Jones, Pike, Fraser. Heroes? o­ne and all. Pike especially (assuming he remembers to wrap-up so he doesn’t catch a cold).
1 Paladin @ 4AP 4 The ARP Warden, who seems always to manage to arrive where he is least wanted, whilst at the same time always managing to get into the way of everyone with his pathological desire to have everyone follow the rules.
2 Riders @ 2AP 4 Home Guard o­n Bicycles. These are the rest of the mobile elements of Dad’s Army (other, of course, than Jones’ Meat Wagon – see the notes below).
4 Shooters @ 2AP 8 The Home Guard doing what it does best, “*****, two, three, aim, two, three, bang, two, three”
Total 24
Stronghold: The Church Hall where training and parade is undertaken.
Alternatives: Behemoth (Jones’ Van) @ 4AP, Cleric (the Vicar) at 3AP, Lurkers (Fifth Columnists) @ 1AP

30 September 2001 – out to the Foundry site again and decided that (after next pay day) the following figure packs will be needed:

WW2B1 – Home Guard Heroes
Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson, Pike, Jones, Fraser, Godfrey (the guy with the Red Cross Bag) and o­ne other
WW2B2 – Home Guard in Steel Helmets
Eight Home Guard Figures advancing and firing in steel helmets
WW2B3 – Home Guard in forage caps
Eight Home Guard in forage caps, various positions
WW2B4 – Home Guard o­n Bicycles
Five Home Guard riding bicycles
WW2B7 – British Characters, 5th Columnists and Civilians
ARP Warden, Vicar, Nun (with a beard?), Policeman, Woman (she’ll do for Mrs Pike), Woman with Bicycle and two old men

That then is the army … waiting paint.

5 thoughts on “Dad’s Army

  1. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    30 May 2003 – An update, nothing further has happened here now other than the figures have been transported from the UK to Australia. Maybe this year.


  2. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Note: 30 June 2003 – Bugger – Keith in Brisbane now has some figures – bet he finishes his before I finish mine 😦


  3. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    er, and the figures are at mum's still, packed away under the house … must get them out and painted soon!


  4. Shane 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Aha! You are still here. I had seen nothing more recent than 2007.

    Intriguing site. I keep flirting with trying to find something other than Warhammer Fantasy Battle to play. Still looking for pics here…

    Love your site.


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