Nazrat, Lord of the Bungle

After the beer at the Grand Junction Arms in Bulbourne with the Tring Wargames Club that resulted in the Dad’s Army Hordes of the Things Army, I felt that my time with 28mm figures was finished. Unfortunately, those nasty folks at Foundry have a habit of sending out vouchers with their mail orders that give discounts for future figure purchases.

As I had ordered 7 packs they telephoned to say that by ordering another pack I could get the postage free. Well, one thing led to another and I bought the 7 packs and paid the £7.00 postage. They did however, give me a free pack worth £8.50 and a discount certificate allowing me to purchase 9 packs of figures for the price of 6 packs and no postage.

Well, one can’t pass up a bargain, can one. As a result of having a few hours to kill in a hotel in Dubai and spending that time surfing the net, I bounced into the Foundry website. Looking through the figures in the online catalogue, I happened into the Dark Africa range of figures. There, in one of the packs, was a rather scantily clad gentleman with long hair. In with the female hunters was a scantily clad female figure. From those two figures was born the idea of Nazrat, Lord of the Bungle.

Of course, I needed some animals to go with this list (the odd elephant, lion, gorilla and such) so apart from the figures purchased from Foundry, I also bought figures from Irregular Miniatures, who have a good range of animals.

Added to the figures from Foundry were lions, elephant, giraffe, chickens and goats and, I think, a crocodile or two. All this then go to make up the Nazrat, Lord of the Bungle Hordes of the Things army.

No. Description AP Comments
1 Hero General 4 Nazrat, Lord of the Bungle plus Jane the Babe and a gorilla – basically, our hero
1 Good Hunters 2 Some good hunters – act as shooters in support of Nazrat
1 Behemoth 4 Tondo is the swahili for “s**t, look out for the elephant” – usually said just before a native is crushed by a rampaging jumbo. This is the jumbo
1 Magician 4 Which Doctor? Oh! Witch Doctor. The local witch doctor
1 Lurker 1 Lion in Ambush
1 Water Lurker 1 “Any sharks in there?” asks the Pommie as he jumps in for a swim. “No” says the guide, “crocodiles cleaned them out!”
2 Beasts 4 Various herds of charging African animals
4 Hordes of Tribesmen 4 Er, well, hordes of tribesmen (and women). All the native extras that end up being crushed by elephants, eaten by lions, crocodiles, leopards and panthers and hippopotomuses, shot by blow guns from the pygmies and gunned down by the nasty westerners with English or German accents.
Total 24
Stronghold A treehouse, native village, huts or a nicely formed tree for that matter.

Photos of Nazrat will appear in the Photo Gallery of Thomo’s Hole in due course … when I actually get around to painting the figures up.

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